Monday, 12 September 2011

Wonder Product #1

MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl (Frost) £13.50 for 3.2g.

"Once you go MAC you never go back..", well, although this doesn't apply to every MAC cosmetic I've purchased (yes Superslick Liqud Eye Liner, I'm lookin' at you!) it's safe to say that it does to this Cream Colour Base, it is divine.
I bought it on a whim when I went in to buy some cream blush, and reckon I've used it nearly every day since I purchased it in May.

It is completely versatile, lasts for hours, can be used for day or night makeup, and gives the most beautiful sheen to my skin.

Personally, I apply it to my brow and cheek bones and use it as a highlighter. I'm a complete highlighter junkie, anything shimmery or shiny for skin I will want in my makeup bag. This Cream Base is a staple in my every day makeup routine.

Top: Without Flash, Bottom: With Flash

It gives a flawless sheen, and I'd really recommend it. I'll repurchase when it eventually runs low. I love it with pale skin, and bright red lips with nude or golden eyes, but it also works so well on a tan for a natural glow. I use it as a highlighter but I believe it can be used on eyes to help eye shadow stay in place (however I've got a feeling this could cause creasing). It comes in all sorts of shades ranging from this Pearl to deep rosy pinks and browns.

Please excuse the very plain, boring makeup, I wanted to ephasise the sheen! I applied it on my brow and cheek bones. It doesn't come out amazingly well in these, but I hope it gives some ideas.

Do you use highlighters? How else would you use the Cream Colour Base? Any recommendations on other products?

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  1. Ooh, definitely adding this to my Mac list ;) looks lavely on you! xx


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