Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Soap and Glory Review #1

Soap & Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' facial scrub £7.40 for 125ml and Soap & Glory 'Glow Job' daily moisture lotion £9 for 75ml

Soap & Glory offer a large collection of products ranging from hand cream, to shower gel, to lip gloss! I believe they have a good reputation, a nice product for excellent and affordable prices. I'm going to review their facial scrub and their daily lotion, both are products I have been using for a few months.

Firstly, their packaging is really appealing. It's slightly Benefit- esque, it's nice. Retro imagery on the packaging, tongue- in- cheek product names along with the uniform colours of candy pink and warm creams mean that Soap & Glory can be spotted a mile off in Boots. They're also pushing a really credible cause, something they're calling the 'The Two Minute Rinse' where they state we only need about 120 seconds to get washed, shampooed and conditioned. They want each of us to see if we can do the Two Minute Rinse, because water, and more importantly, water shortages, is becoming a problem. I cannot BEAR water waste, (people who brush their teeth and keep the tap on, shame on you!) so I like their campaign.

Scrub Your Nose In It is a facial scrub designed to target the T-Zone to prevent clogging and large pores. I use it about once a week, because I feel like that is often enough to exfoliate my face. The texture is like soft clay, the scrub is fine but rough enough to make it feel like it is doing something and covering the entire surface I apply it to (something I find a problem with other scrubs). I apply it in a circular motion onto a damp face and leave for half a minute or so, mainly because I love the smell. You may think it looks like toothpaste, but it also smells like it, but it's also a sugary scent. It's gorgeous, after I've washed it off it genuinely feels like my skin has been revitalised and is breathing. It definately softens my skin too. 10/10!

Glow Job (LOL, amazin') is a moisturizer light enough for daily use. As you can tell from the size of the packaging, it is meant solely for facial use, so that's where I've been using it. I apply a pea sized amount in the morning after my shower, and allow it to soak in before applying my makeup. It's a light, fresh cream and it makes my skin feel nice (doesn't clog my skin up and hasn't caused any skin problems). It's different to basic facial creams because it contains Bronzeburst Beads which is why it is marketed as a Daily Radiance cream and where I suppose the 'Glow' in the name came from. The beads burst onto your face as you rub it in, causing an explosion of bronze! Although at first this is quite uneven, you have to blend it, after a couple of minutes my face does look tanned. Although a nice idea, I'm not too bothered about it, I just like the cream, plus the tan is soon covered by my makeup. It is nice, though, especially for a pale girl such as me to have in the summer.
In the centre, a couple of Bronzeburst Beads have, well, burst!
I'm really impressed with Soap & Glory and I will continue to buy their products, I've heard really good things about Hand Food so I might be trying that soon. Plus, Soap & Glory are currently 3 for 2 in Boots, so go treat yoursen!

Are you a fan of Soap & Glory products? Do you use either of these?


  1. Hi lovely :) Just found your blog! You are so pretty! I love soap and glory products, havent tried this scrub but I might do after your review cos I have massive pores :)

    Anywho hope you have a nice week :) x

  2. hi ! I have a blog too, maybe U will see :) But anyway I reading your blog sometimes! Good luck and greetings from Poland! :)

  3. hi ! I have a blog too, maybe U will see :) But anyway I reading your blog sometimes! Good luck and greetings from Poland! :)

  4. I love Soap and Glory products. I need to give these a go!

  5. Aoife- what a lovely comment! You really made me smile. Give the scrub a go, it's dreamy!

    Hanka- I'll check it out, I'm glad you like mine :-)

    Zoey- Try them and let me know if they work out for you. I really like Soap & Glory, am gonna try and expand my collection!!

  6. I love Soap & glory products! their bright here bright now balm is one of my favourite skin products!

    - Ani x

  7. I am using the scrub and loving it :) you reminded me.. i better use some tonight :)

    Please do check out my blog too if you like :)



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