Friday, 2 September 2011

Topshop A/W 11 Smoke & Mirrors Makeup Range

Image used from the TopShop blog
I have real life excitement for this range. I'll be honest, so far I have little experience of TopShop makeup, when it was first launched true horror ran through my head - "think of the quality!" "It's gonna be a rip off!" ..Blah blah blah, I was so so wrong. I am truely impressed with the forward thinking colour palettes and products TopShop have produced, and have heard rave reviews of their only £6 I'm gonna pick one up tomorrow afternoon when I'm in Swansea, I'm having a real blush dilemma at the moment.

So...I thought I was completely ready for autumn last week, I feel (and I'm sure you'll all second me in this) completely ROBBED of a summer. When it was hotter a few months ago, I was always working, and I unfortunately didn't get a summer holiday (apart from a lovely couple of days in Stockholm earlier this week), but then I spent an afternoon on Oxford Street a couple of days ago, and realised I'm so not ready. Partly because at the moment I have a budget so can't afford the maxi skirts, new boots, leather accessories that I want and partly because I WANT TO WEAR SUMMER CLOTHES!!!
This feeling has bothered me a little bit, until I saw Smoke & Mirrors from TopShop. Well, in true Welsh fashion (I have to try and speak like 'em now I'm living on their land!) All I can say is...Lush! I love the colours, and the limited collection.

The eyeshadow palette are the exact colours I love to use, particularly for autumn. They are earthy, natural but edgy (never tried navy blue before). With a fresh, dewy face, a sweep of bronzer and a hit of my NARS illuminator in Super Orgasm, this eye palette will come alive, all I can hope is that the pigmentation is strong but judging from the rest of their makeup, it should be pretty satisfactory.

The lipstick looks gorgeous, I like the tortoiseshell packaging, it's classic and screams style, I love seeing people in vintage tortoiseshell glasses, I just hope it doesn't look cheap up close. The colour is feminine, but strong, I think it reminds me of my Amplified MAC lipstick in Blankety- which I will blog about soon. 

I've not heard much nor have I tried the TopShop mascara's, but maybe after my last post I will.

Although TopShop state that "Smoke & Mirrors rebels against the grunge glamour of trends past by concentrating on a more alluring, captivating look” I believe that these shades could be used in conjunction with a strong red lip, even an aubergiene shade lip, the gothic/grunge look that has been present in makeup and high street fashion for about 18 months now. Having said this, I'm glad TopShop are trying to steer away from that grunge look in terms of this makeup range, it is a bit done and we've all become a bit comfortable with it, time for a change! 
A definate positive of this range is that I think the shades will suit all skin types, pale, bronzed, black, these shades will look classic, and cool if used in the right way.

I'm ready for autumn!


  1. LOVEEEE topshop blushes the collection looks great!
    and just wanted to say the picture of you in your header is amazinggg loveeeee your hair!

  2. I bought Head Over Heels TopShop blush today but I think I should have got a more pinky one (I keep going for more peach shades at the moment). Unfortunately the Rumour Has It lipstick had sold out, but I got the eye palette- swatches coming soon!
    And thanks love, I'm thinking of changing it soon, our messy living room isn't a good background!


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