Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Illamasqua A/W 11 Theatre of the Nameless Makeup Range

Images courtesy Google

An exciting new range from the forerunners of weird and wonderful professional makeup, Illamasqua. Although still a relatively unknown brand in the UK (I would say), Illamasqua are growing in popularity as news travels of the wonders of their Skin Base Foundation, which has harboured rave reviews. The makeup is currently only available in selected outlets in Selfridges and Debenhams across the UK, and of course online, but the notions of bespoke, unique and special are strongly associated with this brand, partly because of it's limited availability, in cohesion with the high end prices, and still a relative lack of familiarity.

Similarly to the TopShop makeup range I've written about previously, this collection holds strong autumnal colours that will keep you on trend until the end of January. Worn with the faux furs, leathers, and structured shapes to be worn by most fashion conscious ladies this season, this collection will be the perfect accompaniement.

Illamasqua reflect the ideals of vintage glamour yet the brand is drenched in everything excellent about modernity; the colours are unique, exciting, and fashion forward, and the brand appear to use modern cosmetic science to it's advantage. However, the images used on their website and in their advertising hark back to eras gone by; the Victorian circus, theatre, even freakshow coupled with strong undertones of raw erotica. They are truely a unique and exciting brand, with excellent quality product and reputation and this Autumn/Winter 11 collection demonstrates this. I believe this collection will push the Illamasqua brand into the foreminds as rumour and knowledge of their beautiful makeup spreads. Of course, their exposure in Magazines such as Vogue and Cosmo will help this too.

I'm going to talk about a couple of the products from this collection that catch my interest the most;

Nail Polish (£13.50); The formula of the polishes give a matte rubber finish which is something both forward thinking but also completely resonant of the fetish/erotica messages that I have mentioned. The shades come in a sophisticated lilac/ purple called 'Faux Pas', a leaf green 'Kink', a muddy, natural brown 'Taint'- which I believe may be the most difficult to pull off, hard to tell without testing it myself- definately not one for the toe nails! And lastly a plum/ berry shade named 'Vice'. I think I'll be purchasing 'Faux Pas' on my next trip into Cardiff.

Powder Blush (£16.50); 'Ambition' is a coffee- coloured brown that swatched I reckon will produce a beautiful bronze pigment, perfect for contouring. It won't be your typical orange bronze, but a subtle addition to anyone's makeup routine, perhaps not the most exciting, but probably very useful. Secondly, a shade I'm really excited about is 'Morale'. In the pan it looks like a bright, jewel purple but on the skin I expect it to give a deep rose shade, classic and beautiful, and could be used subtly or applied slightly heavier for a more dramatic effect (not too much, we don't want to look bruised!)

The collection's palette is mature but the images in the campaign are playful, sexual and fun. Illamasqua, making the transition from summer into autumn something creative and enjoyable that we can all look forward to!


  1. I love the photos from this campaign. Unfortunately I haven't got to try out any Illamasqua products yet because there are no counters in Ireland anymore :(

  2. The photos are beautiful, really dramatic, like all their other campaigns! That's a big shame, you can order off their website but obviously it is more risky as you can't see the product properly before you buy x

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