Saturday, 24 September 2011

Maybe it's Maybelline

Maybelline New York Dream Touch Blush in 02 Peach and 06 Berry £6.49 for 7.5g.

Maybelline discontinued one of my favourite blushes;

Maybelline 'Dream Touch Mousse' in 01 Dolly Pink; The Ultimate Girly Shade, an unnatural barbie pink, glittery and shimmery, excellent lasting power, this looks adorable on pale skin. Not for everyday use, but a really fun product that can be used in a really pretty way.

01 Dolly Pink, 02 Peach, 06 Berry
 I thought I'd try the 'Dream Touch Mousse' collections younger, yet more sophisticated sister, 'Dream Touch Blush'. These come in four fruity shades; Peach, Apricot, Berry and Plum. Maybelline state that this product gives 'A lighter- than- air feel on the skin with an all- day freshly applied look.'
The texture is completely different, unlike 01 Dolly Pink these aren't a mousse forumla, but a solid -to -cream blush, and unlike 01 Dolly Pink, the shades in the collection are a lot more natural and subtle.

Shade 02 Peach, Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba
Shade 02 is a natural, glowing peach. If a couple of shades darker, this could be used as a subtle bronzer, however I find that the shade is too similar to my skin tone to be used in this way. 
Once applied, Peach creates a dewy, fresh faced look. It is really natural, and I can't say that I use it as a blush per se. It looks lovely on the cheeks, but it doesn't have much 'oomph' or definition. I'm sure it would really benefit girls with more tanned/olive skin tone, as that base would bring out the coral hues more sucessfully. Great for the Spring/Summer months.

Shade 06 Berry is a deep rose shade, with purpley undertones. When applying, it is better to add it bit by bit, to avoid looking like a clown! (Not talking from experience...) but it is easier to add more than it is having to find a way to cover up after putting to much on yo' face. I haven't used it much since I bought it, but lately it has really grown on me, it can be used quite dramatically and it looks great with nude or brown lips (nice for this season).
Although they're nothing like their predecessor in terms of texture or colour, these 'Dream Touch Blush''s are pretty good. They are highly pigmented, handy to have around, and although they aren't really long lasting (a problem I generally find with blush that aren't in powder form) they have their time and their place! I found that over the summer, 02 Peach is nice to have for a more natural look, on my (fake) tanned skin. Shade 06 Berry I will be using more over autumn/winter for rosey cheeks!

Final Portrait; 
I apply these using my fingers and gradually build colour intensity.
02 Peach
06 Berry
What do you think of these shades? Were you a fan of the Dream Touch Mousse collection back in the day? Have any products you loved ever been discontinued?


  1. wow, wow, wow. Peach looks amazing!
    I hate it when cosmetic companies dicontinue their lines! But, I have to say the Peach on looks fantastic..Oo, and I love the Peach Melba nail polish, its my favourite Barry M one, I have had it for about four months and have worn it none stop! aha!

  2. I would love to try these, maybe I should! It's hard to find cream blushes from the drugstore! Cute blog!

  3. WOW! They are amazing on you. You should be a model!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. Dolly Daydream- I like the peach a lot, but it is sooo natural I always feel a little bit naked when I'm wearing it! And snap on Peach Melba, I bought it in the spring and I always slap it on, looks good on nails and toenails!

    NS- I agree, there isn't lots of cream blush available in terms of chesper, high street brands. They're worth trying, I'm glad I have them.

    Wida- Thankyou! Not sure I have model potential but a lovely compliment made me smile :-)

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