Thursday, 29 September 2011

LUSH review #1 Lip Scrub

LUSH Lip Scrub in Bubblegum £4.95 for 25g

I've been meaning to buy The Body Shop's 'Lipscuff' for months now but never seem to get round to it. I like the idea that it is in a lipstick form, but it was more expensive so I decided to try the Lush 'Lip Scrub'.

Using a lipscrub isn't vital but if we exfoliate our bodies and face to make them smoother, why shouldn't we do the same for our lips? Imagine what our lips go through everyday; talking, eating, drinking, kissing, biting (if we're nervous!), all sorts of weather conditions-they need looking after! 
Secndly, by exfoliating the lips we provide a smooth base for anything to be added on top, such as lipstick. Also if you have flaky lips, this product would be great for you as it would gently remove the dead skin so you can then apply a layer of balm to soothe them.

The problem with using a normal, facial exfoliant on the lips is that there's a risk the product will get in your mouth, ick! Lush have definately avoided this problem by making the scrub a sugar scrub and therefore edible. The main ingredient is castor sugar, but it also contains jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is great as it is a naturally moisturizing ingredient, it also balances oil production (which is why it can be used in treatments for acne). However there is that slight thought that pops into my head every now and then ;"I just paid a fiver for a few grams of sugar!", if you're a student or on a budget, then make this yourself! If you live in a house of girls you could make a big vat of it and split it all between you!

Lush's Lip Scrubs come in a range of colours and flavours; Bubblegum (pink), Mint Julips (peppermint/vanilla, gold in colour), Sweet Lips (chocolate, gold in colour), are a few of the options.
The size of the sugar grain is perfect as it isn't too rough, but the formula is dense enough to cover the lips without too much effort. Infact, this fine but effective scrub reminds me of 'Scrub Your Nose In It' facial exfoliant by Soap & Glory that I reviewed here.

The Bubblegum flavour is bright pink! I find the colour quite appealing, and the taste is really sweet; it reminds me of Haribo/parma violets i.e. not a very natural flavour, and almost perfumed. It is very synthetic tasting which is fine in small doses, I wonder if the vanilla flavour, or any of the others for that matter are like this?

The final result is brilliant and pleasing. It takes seconds to apply, rub and remove (with yo' tongue!) and afterwards my lips are left tingly. After a while I apply a chapstick/balm, as I would before applying any lipstick. I like this product because it is simple to use, with instant results. It's also quite fun to apply, so different to anything else I do! My lips are definately softer after using this, (I can't stop touching them!) whether it is worth the £4.95 price tag is your decision, would be a good gift!

Do you use lip scrubs? Are you a fan of LUSH products?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I Wore #2

Rainy Day Last Week

I like blazers, they can smarten any outfit and are still comfortable. I had a long car journey ahead of me hence the leggins!

Other blazers I like;
Although I don't think I'd wear the first, I like the idea of it. Would be nice with a sleeveless lace vest underneath.
The second is classic and something I suppose we would call an 'investment piece'!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Maybe it's Maybelline

Maybelline New York Dream Touch Blush in 02 Peach and 06 Berry £6.49 for 7.5g.

Maybelline discontinued one of my favourite blushes;

Maybelline 'Dream Touch Mousse' in 01 Dolly Pink; The Ultimate Girly Shade, an unnatural barbie pink, glittery and shimmery, excellent lasting power, this looks adorable on pale skin. Not for everyday use, but a really fun product that can be used in a really pretty way.

01 Dolly Pink, 02 Peach, 06 Berry
 I thought I'd try the 'Dream Touch Mousse' collections younger, yet more sophisticated sister, 'Dream Touch Blush'. These come in four fruity shades; Peach, Apricot, Berry and Plum. Maybelline state that this product gives 'A lighter- than- air feel on the skin with an all- day freshly applied look.'
The texture is completely different, unlike 01 Dolly Pink these aren't a mousse forumla, but a solid -to -cream blush, and unlike 01 Dolly Pink, the shades in the collection are a lot more natural and subtle.

Shade 02 Peach, Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba
Shade 02 is a natural, glowing peach. If a couple of shades darker, this could be used as a subtle bronzer, however I find that the shade is too similar to my skin tone to be used in this way. 
Once applied, Peach creates a dewy, fresh faced look. It is really natural, and I can't say that I use it as a blush per se. It looks lovely on the cheeks, but it doesn't have much 'oomph' or definition. I'm sure it would really benefit girls with more tanned/olive skin tone, as that base would bring out the coral hues more sucessfully. Great for the Spring/Summer months.

Shade 06 Berry is a deep rose shade, with purpley undertones. When applying, it is better to add it bit by bit, to avoid looking like a clown! (Not talking from experience...) but it is easier to add more than it is having to find a way to cover up after putting to much on yo' face. I haven't used it much since I bought it, but lately it has really grown on me, it can be used quite dramatically and it looks great with nude or brown lips (nice for this season).
Although they're nothing like their predecessor in terms of texture or colour, these 'Dream Touch Blush''s are pretty good. They are highly pigmented, handy to have around, and although they aren't really long lasting (a problem I generally find with blush that aren't in powder form) they have their time and their place! I found that over the summer, 02 Peach is nice to have for a more natural look, on my (fake) tanned skin. Shade 06 Berry I will be using more over autumn/winter for rosey cheeks!

Final Portrait; 
I apply these using my fingers and gradually build colour intensity.
02 Peach
06 Berry
What do you think of these shades? Were you a fan of the Dream Touch Mousse collection back in the day? Have any products you loved ever been discontinued?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nails #1


Not the most sophisticated of nail art designs, but it brightened up my day! 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Soap and Glory Review #1

Soap & Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' facial scrub £7.40 for 125ml and Soap & Glory 'Glow Job' daily moisture lotion £9 for 75ml

Soap & Glory offer a large collection of products ranging from hand cream, to shower gel, to lip gloss! I believe they have a good reputation, a nice product for excellent and affordable prices. I'm going to review their facial scrub and their daily lotion, both are products I have been using for a few months.

Firstly, their packaging is really appealing. It's slightly Benefit- esque, it's nice. Retro imagery on the packaging, tongue- in- cheek product names along with the uniform colours of candy pink and warm creams mean that Soap & Glory can be spotted a mile off in Boots. They're also pushing a really credible cause, something they're calling the 'The Two Minute Rinse' where they state we only need about 120 seconds to get washed, shampooed and conditioned. They want each of us to see if we can do the Two Minute Rinse, because water, and more importantly, water shortages, is becoming a problem. I cannot BEAR water waste, (people who brush their teeth and keep the tap on, shame on you!) so I like their campaign.

Scrub Your Nose In It is a facial scrub designed to target the T-Zone to prevent clogging and large pores. I use it about once a week, because I feel like that is often enough to exfoliate my face. The texture is like soft clay, the scrub is fine but rough enough to make it feel like it is doing something and covering the entire surface I apply it to (something I find a problem with other scrubs). I apply it in a circular motion onto a damp face and leave for half a minute or so, mainly because I love the smell. You may think it looks like toothpaste, but it also smells like it, but it's also a sugary scent. It's gorgeous, after I've washed it off it genuinely feels like my skin has been revitalised and is breathing. It definately softens my skin too. 10/10!

Glow Job (LOL, amazin') is a moisturizer light enough for daily use. As you can tell from the size of the packaging, it is meant solely for facial use, so that's where I've been using it. I apply a pea sized amount in the morning after my shower, and allow it to soak in before applying my makeup. It's a light, fresh cream and it makes my skin feel nice (doesn't clog my skin up and hasn't caused any skin problems). It's different to basic facial creams because it contains Bronzeburst Beads which is why it is marketed as a Daily Radiance cream and where I suppose the 'Glow' in the name came from. The beads burst onto your face as you rub it in, causing an explosion of bronze! Although at first this is quite uneven, you have to blend it, after a couple of minutes my face does look tanned. Although a nice idea, I'm not too bothered about it, I just like the cream, plus the tan is soon covered by my makeup. It is nice, though, especially for a pale girl such as me to have in the summer.
In the centre, a couple of Bronzeburst Beads have, well, burst!
I'm really impressed with Soap & Glory and I will continue to buy their products, I've heard really good things about Hand Food so I might be trying that soon. Plus, Soap & Glory are currently 3 for 2 in Boots, so go treat yoursen!

Are you a fan of Soap & Glory products? Do you use either of these?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Fecklessly Freckled

I love a freckled face.
I wish the freckles sprinkled across my own nose and cheeks were more prominent, alas they fade as I get older...

Last year, Rachel Comey insisted her runway models sported a dewy, youthful face with fake freckles added on.
Images courtesy Google

This year, M.A.C at NYFW have created this look;

Images from M.A.C Tumblr

Plus, anyone notice a certain sixties makeup trend I may have posted about previously?

Also, the beaut cannot go unmentioned, and is the favourite to win this season's Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (Ok, she may not be the favourite, but she certainly is mine and my boyfriends- avid viewers!)


Google Images
BINTM Live Website

The End of Summer

What I Wore
Midi Skirt

I embraced one of the last sunny days of the year (even then there was an afternoon downpour)

I wore a peach/bronze metallic pleated midi skirt that I bought about a year ago (Miss Selfridge), a cream cotton blouse with detail (TopShop), nude flats (New Look), a vintage tan leather belt.

Other midi skirts I think are pretty good;

Both would look ace with a black leotard and a blazer.

I never dress feminine but I quite enjoyed looking like a girl for the day!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Fell in Love with A Girl

I think I'm in love with Lana Del Rey

 Embracing the sixties makeup, flower power, hippy look which is a nice refreshing change to the 50's pin up/ kitsch look rolling around (bored) and the 70's festival chic that has flooded the high street last spring/summer (though I did enjoy the crochet, tan leather and tassles!)

As Vogue online and this months Company magazine have both cited, sixties is a strong makeup trend this autumn and has already been spotted on the catwalks at NYFW with DKNY and is expected to be seen in the Burberry shows at London FW. However the catwalk interpretation is a lot more subtle than the trends shown in Company who insist full on Twiggy eyeliner and pencilled in lashes is the way to go....

Twiggy 1960's model and icon
 Back to beautiful Lana...

Reminiscent of Andy Warhol's style of pop colours and repitition of images (think Marilyn Monroe..)
She is the 2011 answer to Brigitte Bardot;

All images courtesy Google

 Check out Lana's new single Video Games due for release in October.

What way are you going to interpret the sixties look this autumn/winter?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Foundation Review #1

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination/ Oily Skin in 110 Ivory £12.49 for 30ml

Like every girl, I'm dreaming about the day I find that perfect foundation. I've struggled over the years to find one I really liked and couldn't fault, and I have probably worn a foundation from every brand going. It is such a personal choice, every girl prefers different coverage, every girl has different skin, so this review is how the product worked for me, I cannot stress enough that it might not be for you!

At the time I purchased this, the criteria for my new foundation were as follows;
  • Pale enough to match my natural skin tone
  • Long Lasting (By this I mean not having to touch- up for at least 6 hours)
  • Full coverage
Price, depending on how good the product is, doesn't affect my decision as I'll pay anything for flawless skin. I was however, determined to find a good go-to foundation that is easily available.

Here is a lovely half and half portrait so that you can see. 

Slightly cringe, the left side has Colorstay applied but the right side of my face has nothing.

The good;
  • I am super impressed with this, never really been a Revlon girl before but this product is impressive for such a cheap price. 
  • It would be ideal for combination/ oily skin as it does dry the skin slightly once applied, which is fine for my normal skin as I moisturize quite a lot anyway.
  • Applying a thin layer achieves medium coverage, this product is easily buildable to full coverage, so it is wearable no matter what look you're going for that day.
  • It is a perfect match to my pale skin! Yay! 
  •  It contains an SPF6, which is always handy. SPF should be applied everyday no matter whether it be summer or winter, as any exposure to sunlight will affect our skin. Although not a high SPF, I'm glad it has one.
  • The foundation lasts long enough to keep me satisfied. It claims on the back of the bottle that it lasts upto 16 hours, but personally I always ignore such ridiculous statements such as these. Firstly, noone can expect a high street product to live up to such extraordinary standards...16 HOURS! Without reapplication? Also, under what conditions are these 16 hour tests carried out? After working a Saturday night shift supervising a busy pub, I can tell you that after 8 hours this foundation wasn't perfect, but nothing would be, and of course neither was my blush, my bronze, etc. However if I applied the foundation, sat on the sofa for 16 hours without touching my face or doing anything, then it would still look perfect? Who knows! It lasts a long time, but freshening up is necessary after 6-7 hours or so,which is fine by me.
The not so good;
  • Although contained in a lovely glass bottle with a simple design, there is no nozzle to squeeze, no 'system' in place to control the amount of liquid you use. It pours straight out of the bottle which can make life a little difficult, although now I've become accustomed to carefully oozing some out on my hand before application, I've had a couple of spillage incidents when on the road and as a result I have ColorStay all over my makeup bag and it's contents! Someone at Revlon seriously needs to reconsider the packaging, although I do love the heavy glass bottle.
  • It has a slight smell of emulsion? It is a bit painty, if you understand me?! Not the most pleasent of smells but it doesn't linger once applied/dried and it hasn't affected my skin at all, I understand why some people are hesitant to apply scented products to the skin.

So a happy, thumbs up review from me. Quick tip- always use a primer underneath this and apply with a good foundation brush, apply to hand before putting amounts on the brush as it warms the foundation to body temperature and makes it more malleable and easier to control.

I use the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brush F80 $16 US
Final Portrait;

Do any of you use Revlon products, or Colorstay? Any other pale foundations to recommend?

Monday, 12 September 2011

Wonder Product #1

MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl (Frost) £13.50 for 3.2g.

"Once you go MAC you never go back..", well, although this doesn't apply to every MAC cosmetic I've purchased (yes Superslick Liqud Eye Liner, I'm lookin' at you!) it's safe to say that it does to this Cream Colour Base, it is divine.
I bought it on a whim when I went in to buy some cream blush, and reckon I've used it nearly every day since I purchased it in May.

It is completely versatile, lasts for hours, can be used for day or night makeup, and gives the most beautiful sheen to my skin.

Personally, I apply it to my brow and cheek bones and use it as a highlighter. I'm a complete highlighter junkie, anything shimmery or shiny for skin I will want in my makeup bag. This Cream Base is a staple in my every day makeup routine.

Top: Without Flash, Bottom: With Flash

It gives a flawless sheen, and I'd really recommend it. I'll repurchase when it eventually runs low. I love it with pale skin, and bright red lips with nude or golden eyes, but it also works so well on a tan for a natural glow. I use it as a highlighter but I believe it can be used on eyes to help eye shadow stay in place (however I've got a feeling this could cause creasing). It comes in all sorts of shades ranging from this Pearl to deep rosy pinks and browns.

Please excuse the very plain, boring makeup, I wanted to ephasise the sheen! I applied it on my brow and cheek bones. It doesn't come out amazingly well in these, but I hope it gives some ideas.

Do you use highlighters? How else would you use the Cream Colour Base? Any recommendations on other products?