Sunday, 19 August 2012

1960's beehive with John Frieda

I've recently been alerted to this set of videos presented by John Frieda hair stylists Jake Davis and Giles Robinson to help simplify hairstyles (including the ever popular top knot) and blow drys whilst promoting the John Frieda Full Repair range which has been available for a few months now.

Today I just thought I'd show you the videos and tell you how I got on with trying their 1960s beehive look.

Are these videos really hairstying made easy? 
I've said here how I'm not exactly skilled when it comes to hair, always opting for easy styles each day so it was nice to give something new a go for a change.
I found the step by step video very informative and it did actually break the hairstyle down into manageable chunks that even a hairstyling dummie like me could manage.
Overall, I was quite pleased with my effort, opting for a more modern take on the beehive by wearing it a bit messy. I chose to pair it with sixties inspired makeup too! I would really recommend the videos if you were looking for a bit of help with a hair dilemma or wanted to try something new. Make more please, John Frieda!

1960's Beehive: click
TopKnot: click
Full Body Blow Dry: click
Perfectly Straight Blow Dry: click

Check back soon as I'll have a review post on two of the Full Repair products within the next couple of weeks.

Please note: I was contacted to post about the videos on my blog so that you guys can watch them, however it was my choice  to try the beehive hairstyle myself so that I could give my own opinion of how easy I found the tutorial in the video, therefore my positive feedback is my own opinion, as always!

P.S. I'm moving house today so I may be absent for a little while, as soon as we have t'internetz connected I'll be back! :-)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pink Riot!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in 'Pink Riot', £19.50.

Ruby Woo wanted to join in the photo session, it was too cute not to include! <3 her!
This a new shade from the new Vivid Shine colour range at Estee Lauder. This shade, 'Pink Riot' screams versatility, I reckon it would look brilliant worn during the day (particularly on late summer evenings or in the autumn) or with a sparkly gloss dabbed on top for an evening look.

The Vivid Colour lipsticks have prism pearls contained within the forumla which are meant to create a 'mirror-like finish' however I can't see a huge difference in the finish in comparison with their other lipsticks on offer. The finish has a shine without being glossy, and the lipstick is scented with a sophisticated fruity smell.

Pink Riot is a bright berry pink. Opacity is achieved very easily however this can also be dabbed on for a just bitten look or a quick flash of warmth to the lips. It's quite milky and it is so moisturising and soft too.

Overall, I do love this range of lipsticks. The packaging is gorgeous, the formula doesn't dry out the lips like others do and there's plenty of colours to choose from if 'Pink Riot' isn't for you!

Whilst I'm on the subject of Estee Lauder- their LE Violet Underground collection is so exciting for what is usually deemed such a 'safe' and mature brand- matte purple lipstick with a matching purple lipgloss! Review to come on the gloss when I've got the internet back again.  

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Midweek post: my makeup rutt: two favourite blushers!

Estee Lauder blusher in 'Peach Nuance', £24 for 7g
Benefit blusher in 'Sugabomb', £23.50 for 12g

Whilst grabbing a familar box o'blush in a rush the other day, and then swirling it on my cheeks I realised that I looked exactly the same as I did the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that...- that I'd used that blusher the day before, as well as that foundation, that eyeshadow and that lipgloss. Urgh, that feeling, that realisation that I have become stuck in one of those 'makeup rutts'. I've heard people talk about them. I never thought one of 'them' would happen to me, after all, I have previously taken pride in the fact that I do rotate my products and do try new things, but it got me panicking...

Whilst I'm stuck in this rutt, I thought I may aswell document it for you all to see and read about. I'll start with the two blushers, the only two blushers I have used for at least the past two months now, it is absolute love I have for both of these shades, but I do understand that I can't neglect the other 1547895 blushes in my possession for much longer. I promise that from now on I will make a conscious effort to mix it up, promise.


I have mentioned this in a favourites video in the past as it's a shade that I truley love and know I will buy again when it runs out oneday. 'Peach Nuance' is a satin finish, which means there's no shimmer or sparkle which makes it very versatile as it can be worn on it's own subtley or can be paired with a powder highlighter to add a glisten to the cheekbones if so desired.
'Peach Nuance' is no longer available as Estee Lauder recently reformulated their blushers and brought out a new shade range. However the good news for you is, you can still buy it but now it is known as 'Witty Peach' instead and while it is the same shade it now comes in nicer, more golden bling packaging and a larger travel brush beside it for better application on the go.
The colour itself is a peach coral shade, that can be deepened or lightened depending on which end of the pan you swirl your blush brush. I love the gradient between the yellow peach to the coral pink, it's so unique and beautiful to look at. The powder is so smooth to apply, and it's easy to choose whether you want a sheer wash or a flush of colour. Pefect to awaken any tired or dull complexions and one that would also look lush with a tan.

My other favourite blusher at the moment is one that has been in my possession for a long time and was given to me for free when I used to work for Benefit. Sugabomb is such a gorgeous coral for those of us who are pale skinned as it isn't too deep or unnatural. It's one of those shades that freshens up the complexion so well and I love building it up to a brighter pop of colour. Unlike Peach Nuance, Sugabomb does have a subtle shimmer running through it that transfers onto the skin as a highlight. I find this powder works best with a blusher brush that is densely packed with fibres, such as the Illamasqua brushes or even the MAC 116.

As you can see, I'm a girl obsessed with the coral blush. I think peach and coral add a lift and pop that other shades don't do. Hopefully my pink blushes won't go unloved for much longer, I'm hoping I'll transfer back to them when winter rears it's ugly, ugly face. But in the meanwhile, any help or advice to a girl stuck in a coral blush rutt? Or if that fails, any other coral or peach blushers you can recommend to me?!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Investing in lip liners

MAC lip Pencil in 'Spice', £11.50 for 1.45g.
MAC lip Pencil in 'Magenta', £11.50 for 1.45g.

I'd become tired and quite frankly unfufilled with my current few lip liners! Having never particularly embraced the importance until fairly recently, my cheap ones just weren't living up to any long lasting standards, and were available in a pretty dire colour range.
I knew that MAC would probably offer some good quality lip liners in some exciting colours and so I puchased three there. I'm showing two regular lip pencils in this post and will talk about the prolongwear lip pencil at another time!

'Spice' is an Amy Child's favourite, though this isn't the reason I bought it I can assure you! I wanted a nude lipliner but I'll be honest and say that I am disappointed with how brown this actually is. The pencil is so pigmented that it's actually hard to even apply it lightly to achieve that nude 'barely there' look. In terms of formular it's perfect; it glides on well and has excellent lasting power, but the colour just isn't for me, it feels a bit 90's and old fashioned. In the photograph I've applied it all over the lip to demonstrate the colour.

'Magenta' is a gorgeous purpley fuschia colour. It is absolutely divine and works with purple, bright pink, and mid tone pink lipsticks (as long as it is blended out). It is pretty much a perfect match to one of my oldest standing MAC lipsticks, which is 'Gladiola' from the Dame Edna collection- a colour I lived and died in for about 6 months of my life! If worn on it's own for a length of time, as to be expected, it is drying however this can be avoided with a lipgloss on top and doesn't matter too much as this isn't it's purpose.

Beet and Brick are next on the list as I know they're colours I'll get a lot of use out of. Do you own any MAC lip liners or can you recommend another brand to me?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

New nail varnishes from Estee Lauder

So these are new in, it seems Estee Lauder have recognised how popular nail varnish is becomming for women recently and have released a plethera of new, and I've got to say, absolutely stunning shades.
Me, and all the other cosmetics girls painted these on quickly the other day when they arrived, I just couldn't resist so managed to get a load of different colours on each nail rather than sticking to one! Please excuse the photo- it's not too clear as again it was just a quick snap on my break but hopefully it'll prompt some of you to go and check these out yourself as the pictures don't portray how pretty and multi dimensional some of the colours are.
Some of the shades pictured include Bete Noir, Blue Blood, Noveau Riche and Black Plum.

Are you tempted by any of these?

(Please excuse my shabby moonstone ring, I've had it on that finger for 4 years and it's a long story as to how it got to look that way- don't judge me!!)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

.....Finally, a review! MAC Fix+

MAC Fix+, £13.50 for 100ml.

It has taken me until I am spritzing the last drops of this bottle onto my face to really formulate an opinion on MAC Fix+, but it is a positive opinion and one I wanted to share with you all.

It's sold as a setting spray that is used to prolong the wear of makeup as well as freshen up any makeup look. It contains ingredients such as green tea and chamomile which are also meant to benefit the skin.

Whilst I haven't noticed any particular skin benefits, nor do I notice my makeup staying put for longer (DoubleWear foundation ensures that happens anyway!) I find that Fix+ achieves that natural, dewy look that I strive to achieve everyday.
Gone are the days where I liked to look ultra matte, but whilst I remain to use powder to set my foundation it is hard to get the appearance that your makeup is your skin. In other words, Fix+ breaks down that powdery, synthetic finish that powder creates on your base, and turns it into looking like part of your skin, that you naturally look that healthy and that you naturally have that even skin tone. Who wouldn't want that, eh? It takes about twenty minutes after being sprayed to truley show it's effects, but for those of you who like that no effort, natural makeup look but still want to be able to use a foundation and a powder, then this is for you.

My love for this product has been a slow burner but I do think I would repurchase. I don't use it everyday and the bottle has lasted me quite a few months, so I'm not too concerned about paying out for it. 

Do you use Mac Fix+?


Saturday, 4 August 2012

You are GOLD! (leaf)

Rococo Nail Apparel in '#7676 Gold Leaf', (about £25) for 14ml.

Rococo are a premium, luxury nail polish brand, and this shade #7676 is a glossy top coat that contains real 24k gold leaf. I'll be honest and say that this has been in my 'to review' pile for about 6 months now, and I think I have finally found it's perfect partner- Essie's 'Sand Tropez'.
I mentioned here about how I have gone back to nudes recently, and whilst I do enjoy a glitter topcoat as much as the next girl, most of the time I'll wear a plain nail colour.

The formula of the polish is quick drying, you don't have to wait around too long for it to set before you slap on your shiny topcoat and it does add a different, extra dimension to a nail look.
However, I do feel I should warn you of its potency! The smell is unbelievably strong during application, but this does disappear when it dries. As with many decorative topcoats (glitter, confetti) the finish is irregular so be prepared that one nail may end up more coated than another, also some of the flakes don't sit flat and may stick up here and there. This can be avoided with a firm push down of the brush and another topcoat, though.

I do love the finish of Sand Tropez with Roccoco on top, I think it looks expensive and that they are a match made in heaven, what do you think? Would a gold leaf topcoat be a welcome addition to your nail polish collection?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Midweek post: Urban Decay in China update & other beauty goss.

(image found here)

I tweeted a few months ago when I found out that Urban Decay were expanding into China. The reason this caught my attention was because, though I've never been a big shopper at UD, even I knew that they were an animal friendly company who were committed in their protest against cosmetic animal testing and were raising awareness of the issue. 
The Chinese government do reserve the right to test cosmetics on animals before they are sold for use on human beings. Unfortunately, studies also show that the typical Chinese consumer will show little to no regard over whether a cosmetic product has been tested on animals or not.
What Urban Decay have said: UD have stated that their stance on animal testing will not waiver, and that whilst they do not test on animals, the Chinese government may want to perform one-time tests of their products on animals before they are approved to be sold to the Chinese consumers.
Urban Decay believe that change will not happen by outside pressure alone, and that by entering China the company can help raise awareness and fight against animal testing from within. When UD first began, they fought for animal rights in the Western market and now they want to do this in China by encouraging change internally.
UD also want us to remember that they are passionate about women's rights too and are hoping to create new careers and jobs for Chinese women (as it is women who are primarily employed in cosmetics) with this expansion so hope to contribute the change in attitude towards the importance of women in that country.

Please not that they have not ignored the ever obvious reason for moving into China, and that is for profit. They also stated that if they don't expand into China, other companies with no stance on animal testing will and therefore nothing will change.*

(If you're interested in using cosmetics that are not tested on animals, look for the leaping bunny logo on the product which ensures that no animal testing has been conducted on the finished product, nor it's ingredients, that it isn't carried out in any of the companies labs or by their suppliers)

Beauty news:

It's been announced recently that New CID cosmetics will stocked in all Champneys spas by the end of the year. The famous luxury spa already have their own range of bath and body products available in Boots stores but their spas will be stocked full of New CID cosmetics as they admire the quality of their products and believe they'll be perfect for the Champneys customer. 

Estee Lauder's granddaughter Aerin Lauder is releasing her own makeup range as part of her new lifestyle line. 'The Aerin Essentials Collection' is launching this year in the UK and the States.

Marvelscara 'three week mascara' may be coming to a salon near you! This new technology creates beautiful long lashes that don't smudge (and are waterproof) and already has 'celeb' clients such as memebers of the TOWIE and Desperate Scousewives cast singing it's praises.

Molton Brown are releasing a plant-based hair care range in September each set designed to combat certain hair problems.

Thankyou for reading! Do you have any beauty goss for me? What's your opinion on Urban Decay's Chinese expansion?

* Some information for this post has been taken from an article in Espirit magazine (July 2012 edition) where there has been an interview with an Urban Decay spokesman.

Disclaimer! : I've restrained from including my opinion in this *paragraph as the aim of this post was to inform you of the statement and real intentions from Urban Decay. FYI I do not believe animal testing on cosmetics is necessary, however I do not condemn brands who do.