Sunday, 19 August 2012

1960's beehive with John Frieda

I've recently been alerted to this set of videos presented by John Frieda hair stylists Jake Davis and Giles Robinson to help simplify hairstyles (including the ever popular top knot) and blow drys whilst promoting the John Frieda Full Repair range which has been available for a few months now.

Today I just thought I'd show you the videos and tell you how I got on with trying their 1960s beehive look.

Are these videos really hairstying made easy? 
I've said here how I'm not exactly skilled when it comes to hair, always opting for easy styles each day so it was nice to give something new a go for a change.
I found the step by step video very informative and it did actually break the hairstyle down into manageable chunks that even a hairstyling dummie like me could manage.
Overall, I was quite pleased with my effort, opting for a more modern take on the beehive by wearing it a bit messy. I chose to pair it with sixties inspired makeup too! I would really recommend the videos if you were looking for a bit of help with a hair dilemma or wanted to try something new. Make more please, John Frieda!

1960's Beehive: click
TopKnot: click
Full Body Blow Dry: click
Perfectly Straight Blow Dry: click

Check back soon as I'll have a review post on two of the Full Repair products within the next couple of weeks.

Please note: I was contacted to post about the videos on my blog so that you guys can watch them, however it was my choice  to try the beehive hairstyle myself so that I could give my own opinion of how easy I found the tutorial in the video, therefore my positive feedback is my own opinion, as always!

P.S. I'm moving house today so I may be absent for a little while, as soon as we have t'internetz connected I'll be back! :-)


  1. Both hair and make up looks gorgeous! I love beehives but rarely do them as I hate knotting my hair up with back combing :( x

  2. You look lovely, it really suits you! I'm going to have to have a play around with these :) xx

  3. i've already told you via twitter, but i love this! also, the shade of your hair is lovely. i hope your move goes well sweety xx

  4. love the make up girl! very simple and girly :)

  5. your hair looks amazing and you are so beautiful *_* your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow each other? im glad if you visit my blog, too :)) keep in touch!



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