Thursday, 15 September 2011

Foundation Review #1

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination/ Oily Skin in 110 Ivory £12.49 for 30ml

Like every girl, I'm dreaming about the day I find that perfect foundation. I've struggled over the years to find one I really liked and couldn't fault, and I have probably worn a foundation from every brand going. It is such a personal choice, every girl prefers different coverage, every girl has different skin, so this review is how the product worked for me, I cannot stress enough that it might not be for you!

At the time I purchased this, the criteria for my new foundation were as follows;
  • Pale enough to match my natural skin tone
  • Long Lasting (By this I mean not having to touch- up for at least 6 hours)
  • Full coverage
Price, depending on how good the product is, doesn't affect my decision as I'll pay anything for flawless skin. I was however, determined to find a good go-to foundation that is easily available.

Here is a lovely half and half portrait so that you can see. 

Slightly cringe, the left side has Colorstay applied but the right side of my face has nothing.

The good;
  • I am super impressed with this, never really been a Revlon girl before but this product is impressive for such a cheap price. 
  • It would be ideal for combination/ oily skin as it does dry the skin slightly once applied, which is fine for my normal skin as I moisturize quite a lot anyway.
  • Applying a thin layer achieves medium coverage, this product is easily buildable to full coverage, so it is wearable no matter what look you're going for that day.
  • It is a perfect match to my pale skin! Yay! 
  •  It contains an SPF6, which is always handy. SPF should be applied everyday no matter whether it be summer or winter, as any exposure to sunlight will affect our skin. Although not a high SPF, I'm glad it has one.
  • The foundation lasts long enough to keep me satisfied. It claims on the back of the bottle that it lasts upto 16 hours, but personally I always ignore such ridiculous statements such as these. Firstly, noone can expect a high street product to live up to such extraordinary standards...16 HOURS! Without reapplication? Also, under what conditions are these 16 hour tests carried out? After working a Saturday night shift supervising a busy pub, I can tell you that after 8 hours this foundation wasn't perfect, but nothing would be, and of course neither was my blush, my bronze, etc. However if I applied the foundation, sat on the sofa for 16 hours without touching my face or doing anything, then it would still look perfect? Who knows! It lasts a long time, but freshening up is necessary after 6-7 hours or so,which is fine by me.
The not so good;
  • Although contained in a lovely glass bottle with a simple design, there is no nozzle to squeeze, no 'system' in place to control the amount of liquid you use. It pours straight out of the bottle which can make life a little difficult, although now I've become accustomed to carefully oozing some out on my hand before application, I've had a couple of spillage incidents when on the road and as a result I have ColorStay all over my makeup bag and it's contents! Someone at Revlon seriously needs to reconsider the packaging, although I do love the heavy glass bottle.
  • It has a slight smell of emulsion? It is a bit painty, if you understand me?! Not the most pleasent of smells but it doesn't linger once applied/dried and it hasn't affected my skin at all, I understand why some people are hesitant to apply scented products to the skin.

So a happy, thumbs up review from me. Quick tip- always use a primer underneath this and apply with a good foundation brush, apply to hand before putting amounts on the brush as it warms the foundation to body temperature and makes it more malleable and easier to control.

I use the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brush F80 $16 US
Final Portrait;

Do any of you use Revlon products, or Colorstay? Any other pale foundations to recommend?


  1. your eyes pop! very pretty.


  2. I love ColorStay, beem using it a lot at the moment. Couldn't get a shade to match perfectly though so have to mix it so I'm not too pale/too orange! Agree that it's annoying about no pump etc, I must waste so much by pouring it out xx

  3. That's a shame you couldn't find a match! Just pour less to begin with, and add more, then hopefully you'll waste less! x

  4. your eyes... are so pretty...
    :') xx


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