Monday, 19 September 2011

Fecklessly Freckled

I love a freckled face.
I wish the freckles sprinkled across my own nose and cheeks were more prominent, alas they fade as I get older...

Last year, Rachel Comey insisted her runway models sported a dewy, youthful face with fake freckles added on.
Images courtesy Google

This year, M.A.C at NYFW have created this look;

Images from M.A.C Tumblr

Plus, anyone notice a certain sixties makeup trend I may have posted about previously?

Also, the beaut cannot go unmentioned, and is the favourite to win this season's Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (Ok, she may not be the favourite, but she certainly is mine and my boyfriends- avid viewers!)


Google Images
BINTM Live Website


  1. i always wanted freckles when I was growing up, both my brothers get them in the summertime but alas that gene skipped me out! lovely blog, new follower :) x

  2. They're just so cute! Mine come out a bit more with sun exposure. x

  3. I am so glad they are embracing freckles in the makeup world! So many girls are ashamed of them, they are beautiful however!

  4. People see them as imperfections, but that's why I love them, it's differences like these that make people beautiful!

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  6. OMG! LOVE the girl's hair in the 3rd pic as well as her make up! it is just perfect :). Your blog is superb! keep it up :D

  7. you have the most gorgeous eyes! i suck at make-up, so it's nice to find a blog that review them. enjoyed browsing, and will be back - following!


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