Sunday, 22 January 2012

NEW IN! Dior Scented Nail Lacquer #NOTD

Dior Nail Lacquer 'Waterlily' £18.

I think these were released on Friday (forgive me if I'm wrong) as part of the Limited Edition Spring Collection 'Garden Party.'
As with all Dior nail varnishes, the packaging, and the brush to apply the polish with are excellent quality and pretty smart. The brush is wide and firm which makes application a dream. 
'Garden Party' contains two scented nail varnishes, Waterlily and Forget Me Not. Of course the names tie in with the garden theme, and the 'intoxicating rose scent' does too.

 Waterlily is a fresh, soft aqua green colour. It's too deep to be deemed a pastel shade, and the dried finish is a very subtle soft focus pearl- not matte or sheen particularly. I do like this colour but imagine the lilac Forget Me Not colour will be more of a popular sell!

I must say, the scent isn't immediate and you cannot smell it in the bottle (you'll just get a big 'ole whiff of nail varnish smell instead!- I did warn you!). The scent develops after drying and if I'm honest, me, my friend and my boyfriend (don't worry he didn't wear the polish!) were all hard pushed to smell anything there. There was a really faint floral smell, but it is in no way 'intoxicating' as Dior describe it and unless you want to go around all day smelling your fingers then don't let the scented varnishes trick you into purchase!- It is a little disappointing! By the second day of wear any fragrance that was there has faded.

Despite the lack of scent, the varnish itself is a lovely one. High quality, good drying time and excellent application brush.

Have you bought anything from Garden Party yet?


  1. Gorgeous colour and the finish is a bit different. I don't really get the point of scented polishes though. x

  2. Bit disappointing about the scent, I want everything from this collection though....

  3. I couldn't really smell anything and if you wear perfume you can't work out what's you and what's polish. Not a buyer but a trier..


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