Monday, 2 January 2012

December Favourites 2011 #TheBodyShop #MAC #YSL

The Body Shop Limited Edition Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel £4 for 250ml

This was the perfect scent to wash with to make me feel ultra festive! A luxurious smell of spiced pumpkin pie, it was warm and sensuous and made me smell like christmas. Of course, post- Christmas it isn't as exciting to use but I'm using it up before I get started on my LUSH goodies. The smell lingers on my skin and makes me feel all cosy! I'm already looking forward to what seasonal LE Shower Gel they'll bring out next December.

M.A.C eyeshadow in Coppering, £11.50 for 1.5g

I have a weird relationship with M.A.C. eyeshadows, some I adore, some I really cannot bear- mainly the formula of some shades (generally the very light shades?) being chalky/ having very little colour pay off.

I must say, the formula of this is perfect; it's smooth and soft, so pick up on the brush is effortless and it blends so well. The shade is something pretty different to what I normally use, as it is red- brown, orange toned so originally I thought it might be hard to pull off, but I have been opting to use it a lot of the time because I think it's something a bit different, a varient on the usual browns I use almost everyday. It doesn't appear too heavy on the eye, as it produces a lovely warm copper colour.

It looks gorgeous with red lips and used in the crease of a smokey eye.

I'm really pleased I got this because it is a bit different to the usual, it blends gorgeously and I have managed to create a few different looks with this!! I'd definitely recommend!

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss no. 45, £21 for 6ml

As mentioned in my post about the YSL 2011 Holiday Collection (here) I was lusting after the glosses. Although I adored the fuschia (no. 47), I opted for no.45 a translucent gloss with fine glitter particles that shimmer pink and purple. It looks like snow in it's tube so again, made me feel christmassy and is my most prized lipgloss. I absolutely love it, either on it's own or on top of lipstick. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 

Photos just don't capture it's beauty!

What were your December favourites? Link me up!


  1. ooh, the body shop LE sounds lovely! It sounds a bit like Glogg from lush (review on my blog!), it smells so christmassy!

  2. The eyeshadow is a gorgeous shade!

  3. Love Body Shops stuff! I haven't tries that tho!The shadow is a pretty shade! Now following! xoxo

  4. Ahhhh you're so lucky for this YSL gloss! I've been lusting it ever since this collection was brought out but in the end I decided not to get it. Then I got an email from l'Oreal that they would send me one and I got sooo excited- only to find out it was the purple one... Now I can only pear it with a purple lipstick... Which I don't have yet! Ugh!

    Enjoy wearing it, hun! xx

  5. cbsg6861- Feel free to send it to me, I loved the purple one!!!'s pigmented enough you can wear it alone or it looks lovely on top of bright pink lipstick if you don't have purple. I love no.45 though, it makes me happy!! xxx

  6. HEY! (in reply to your comment about lime crime)

    I'd definitely take up the chance to get a lippy in the spaceNK sale!! Won't find it that cheap anywhere else! I got mine from love-makeup which are a decent price too, and you can get 10% off your next order from them :)

    The purple is brilliant, even if you dont like it on its own, mix is with a pink or peach and make some gorgeous new colours!

    lovely blog! I'm your 100th follower! wohoo! haha xxx


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