Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Yves Saint Laurent 'Look Noel' 2011 Holiday Collection

I've got quite a lot to say about Yves Saint Laurent at the moment so I've decided to split it into two posts; one with a description and review of their Christmas '11 collection, and the other with YSL gifts I bought & reviews of the contents of my free makeup bag I got.

The only christmas collection that has truley excited me this season is the YSL Noel Christmas Collection. I work opposite YSL and it was becoming murder having to walk past this absolutely stunning collection everyday and remain resistant. Eventually I caved, but I remained sensible and only purchased one item when I could have easily purchased at least 4 items.

Image contains promotional photographs and some of the items in the collection (not all items are pictured here)
 The collection includes;

Two main focus palettes;
  • Limited Edition Highlighter -The White Tuxedo Palette- Palette Blanc Terriblement which is the palette I chose to buy. I'm a complete sucker for highlighters and illuminators and the beauty of this palette drew me in, it was love at first sight because it looks and sparkles like freshly fallen snow (photographs don't do it much justice!). Consisting of three stripes; one pure white with dense white sparkle, pink toned glitter stripe and cool/blue toned shimmer stripe it means we can either stroke a highlighter brush up and down, or swirl to mix them together. The results are stunning and I love the finish it gives, the first day I applied this a stranger even asked what I had used on my cheekbones! It's different to any other highlighters I have, and as much as I'd like to say I'll save this for special occasions, I am beginning to use it nearly everyday! It is packaged in the YSL gold casing, but as a special addition is it is wrapped in a miniature black cumberband, linking the inspiration of the tuxedo throughout the products.

  • LE Eyeshadow- The Black Tuxedo Palette- Palette Noir Terriblement (View Here) is the perfect smokey eye palette. Consisting of 5 colours, the centre stripe is a pure sparkle white, and is surrounded by two black variants either side. It looks like a tuxedo and is packaged also with a cumberband surrounding the case. Lloyd Simmonds is a MUA for YSL and has quoted;
“Black is a color. Without black there is no line. At Yves Saint Laurent, black is rebel, potent, yet all so elegant. It is alive, it is the supreme emotion. Its force comes from the interior. It is light itself.” 

So while some may deem this palette as a bit of a cop- out, as it contains 4/5 shadows in black I believe it encompasses what YSL stand for; classic,stylish, stunning. To me, the palette is an artwork in itself, but that may be the makeup junkie/Art History graduate in me speaking!
  • Two miniature eyeshadow palettes that embody classic winter/seasonal shades; Ombres Duolumières Noel 39 and 41 (View Here). 39 is rich gold pigment and a contrasting dark shadow. 41 is the same but with pure silver pigment. Combined both shadows are embossed with the YSL symbol and are accompanied with two miniature applicators. Both are beautiful, I was really tempted by 39 as I'm really into golds at the moment. The are soft and buttery in texture so would blend brilliantly.
  • 3 LE lip gloss shades in Sparkling Transparent White, Sparkling Snow White and my personal favourite (which I need in my life) Sparkling Fushia- a stunning purple with fine holographic glitter particles. All add a frosted, icy finish to the lips and are shades that are completely different to any others I've seen recently.
  • 8 shades of the bestselling Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks, these have also recently been voted the best lipstick on the market by The Independant. Shades include beautiful purples, burgundy reds and roses.
  • Two nail varnishes- one gloss black finish and one matte black finish- Manucire Couture N°6 Terriblement Noir Duo- to create the YSL black manicure pictured in the campaign photographs. As striking as this take is on the classic french manicure, I do believe this look could be created with a cheap black varnish- using a matte top coat and then keeping it glossy for the tips.
The collection is inspired by the iconic YSL Le Smoking Tuxedo. This was created in the 60s and caught attention because it was a tuxedo for women, therefore breaking traditional boundaries of male and female dress, and in turn offering empowerment to women. We can thank the androgynous fashion that we all adopt now to Le Smoking Tuxedo.
Photography by Helmut Newton, 1975
The collection embraces everything that is winter and what winter should be; glamourous, exciting, using deep hues and daring colour. I think it is forward thinking and a new/improved version of the 2008 Autumn Androgyny collection. I adore the contrast between the black and white, laced with seasonal metallics and then the warmth from the deep magenta and purple accents found in the lipglosses and lipsticks. Sophistication is the word to decribe the collection, (compare this to the M.A.C. Glitter and Ice holiday collection which I found to be completely uninspiring and tacky this year) and that is why it is so appealing, it is a product of the YSL brand and it really is something special.


  1. The YSL packaging alone could make me cave, its just gorgeous.

  2. gorgeous stuff!http://iheartmexo.blogspot.com/

  3. i love the look of this collection. None of the xmas collections really got me this year at all, but id say this is one of the best. I love a good smoky eye and nude lip and that seems to be what this collection is all about.


  4. I love YSL, these all look gorgeous!

    Leigh x
    fox tales

  5. Hello birthday wishlist.. ;)

    sending you happy spells
    hope to hear from you..x

  6. Got The Lipstick- snap, O'm a sucker for the gold.

    iheartmexo- it is !x

    Marcia B- Me too, I love their colour combinations and their LE collections are always stunning

    Jane- snap- most of them were totally naff. The Clarins one looks nice though, too, just not as much story and history that this one holds which I think is why I'm attracted to it!

    Leigh Travers- Me too, and yeh...every item is gorgeous in its own right there don't seem to be any 'fluffer' items

    amy- haha! Kinda wish it was my birthday so I could ask for a couple more bits, I want that fuschia lipgloss!!

  7. That pic by Helmut could have been taken yesterday, so chic!x


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