Saturday, 17 December 2011

Collection 2000 Review #1 Lipgloss

Collection 2000 Lock N' Hold Lipgloss in Body Pop 1, £2.99 for 5ml

Bored on my lunchbreak and wanting something new that didn't break the bank I bought this Collection 2000 lipgloss. It has won the title of 'my favourite impulse buy recently', & I think I am in love. Having not been a lipgloss gal until recently, I thought I'd buy a cheapo one so if I didn't like it, it wouldn't be the end of the world!!

First off I'll start with a couple of negatives.
1) The packaging. Collection 2000, I know you're cheap but you don't have to look cheap! Hideous, would have been more appealing in simple black packaging. I'm not too bothered though, because it was only £3 and I suppose the bright colours stand out when rumaging through handbag/makeup bag. Why the graffiti style writing though? Maybe to appeal to a younger crowd!
2) I really hate it when brands make claims that it is literally impossible to live up to. Lock N' Hold claims to wear for 6 hours. I wouldn't expect luxury Lauder or Dior lipglosses to live up to that mark. 6 hours, for a lip GLOSS? We all know they're not hugely long wearing and reapplication is a contract we enter into when we buy said product. I'd say this lipgloss lasts comfortably for an hour and a half. After that, the gloss has gone but a slight pink pigmentation remains.

1) Two-three coats of this lipgloss creates a beautiful opague, pink gloss. The undertones are cool lilacs/blues so also quite flattering to the teeth. 
2) The formula isn't sticky, it doesn't irritate me. It glides on smoothly in application.
3) The gloss isn't too wet looking. It provides a nice sheen without looking like I'm drooling which I think some lipglosses can look like (ha ha!)
4) I think it looks like a gloss dupe for M.A.C. St Germain, can anyone else see the similarities? I would never choose to wear St Germain in lipstick form, but this is the right amount of pigmentation and gloss.

What do you think?

Have you bought this gloss, or tried any of the other colours from this range? I'd be interested to know what the other shades look like on!


  1. awesome review:) i need this lip gloss now! i had the nude coloured one but lost it, but i did love it! :) x

  2. I love this color! I have a very similar shade and I love to pair it with cool grey/silver eyeshadows. I too am miffed when a company puts unreasonable claims on their products! Makes me wonder what poor woman was made to sit in a room for 6 hours without eating, drinking, or talking on the phone to test this product out -- haha! ;) Great review! <3

  3. that colour is lovely :), ive got this in a lilac colour its pretty strange but looks quite nice on. Great review :) x

  4. The colour is gorgeous! I've seen a couple reviews now so I'll probably go and buy a couple, although they're cream puffs are still my favourites at the moment.


  5. Such a pretty shade. I was looking at these on thursday but I'm not much of a gloss girl. For the price though, you really cant go wrong.

  6. I'm really not a lipgloss fan but these are some of my favourites! I've got the shade rock steady too which I use allll the time!


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