Tuesday, 6 December 2011

GOSH Review #1 Nail Glitter

GOSH Nail Glitter in 05 Ruby Red, £3.99.

I love and need a solid sparkle nail as much as the next girl, but sad to say that this product was a disappointment. ( :( )
The GOSH stand in Superdrug was a mess but I managed to pick up the glitter pot '05 Ruby Red' and applied it that evening.

What is it? A loose glitter dust in a screw top pot (similar to Barry M Dazzle Dust). 
How do you use it? You apply a clear coat of nail polish onto the nail (though I don't see why you couldn't use any colour you like), dip the nail into the pot, dust off any excess.
Pros- The instant solid glitter is absolutely stunning. It caught the light and glimmered constantly, and I was absolutely chuffed with the result. It also removes easily, which surprised me! It was so seasonal and happy making....for about an hour...
Cons- It is a messy and time consuming process. The initial sparkly result is soon followed by it becoming mattified and dullened within a few hours wear. After 5 hours the tips of my nails had chipped (you can't use a topcoat as this seems to prevent the sparkle..I did try this!). Use of water or hand product seems to ruin the effect and parts of whatever you touch will become attached to the nail surface as it is rough rather than smooth (because of the lack of top coat) which of course also contributes to ruining the overall effect.
I don't really have the patience to try again but I had a thought on the train yesterday that perhaps a spritz of hairspray over the nails may seal them better and prevent chipping for a bit longer? Someone try it and tell me!!

I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend this product, it was such a shame because the initial effects were so beautiful! It's impractical because the process is quite fiddly and the effects don't last long enough to make it worthwhile.

My search for the perfect sparkle nail lacquer continues!! I might just get the Nails Inc Electric Avenue like I spoke of here, especially since there is 15% off cosmetics and fragrance at Debenhams at the moment!! 

Have you used this yet? Was your experience similar to mine?
Oh and come and say hello, here. :-)


  1. what a shame the colours are gorgeous! thanks for the review :)

  2. I was thinking that it would come off easy. Better off just buying a glitter polish! Even though they are a nightmare to get off! x

  3. The colour is gorgeous, but I'd be disappointed if it came off so quickly. I'm sure I've heard of someone using hairspray to make it stay, so maybe try that?


  4. It's such a lovely colour, shame it didn't last though! Thanks for sharing x

  5. I really want to try these, the colours are just gorgeous!


  6. I mentioned about post about the Andrea Fullerton glitters here:


    And it's bloody amazing. The top coat makes it super shiny, and the glitter is more like a fine powder (which you puff over your nails) so is easy to apply and the topcoat goes on nicely over the top. Superdrug stocks her products.
    I have never tried the GOSH glitter and don't think i will now! xo


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