Friday, 9 December 2011


NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in 'Fiji' (full price £29.50)
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (full price £18)
Illamasqua 'Freak' fragrance (full price £59 for 75ml)
Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara (full price £22)

My boyfriend bought me some christmas presents from NARS and the man on the counter threw in some samples, which made me feel a bit better about not being able to play with my new makeup until Christmas day!! (so frustrating! Boyf has now had to go and hide all my presents at his mums house to stop me finding them!)
He threw in two samples of Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base; "No smudging, no creasing, no caking, no looking back."

Review; The consistency is a thick, creamy texture and is colourless. I've used a few eyelid primers and am very happy with the one I'm currently using, and I've got to say this NARS primer won't be replacing the one in my collection. I found it a little hard to manage, in terms of it's texture, and the length of time it seemed to take to dry (still felt a bit tacky/sticky for a while after application). It seemed to collect in the outer corners of my eyes throughout the day, and end up a bit dry/crusty on the skin. I really think eyelid primers are down to personal preference, but I'm glad I've tried it and it did work, in terms of making eye makeup last longer and aiding the colour pigmentation to both remain and 'pop'
2x 4ml sample pots of NARS Sheer Matte Foundation made me very happy as I'd already been looking at the foundations and who wouldn't want free foundation?! It's oil free (bonus) and works on controlling shine throughout the day. It's in the shade 'Fiji' which is one of the light shades; 'Light with yellow undertones'. See full information including shade swatches here.

Review; Although I think the shade may be a touch too yellow- toned for me, I have worn it for two days now and am really happy with it; it's a thin, light liquid that offers medium to high coverage from one layer. It remained quite fresh looking throughout the day, apart from some slight drying areas. The only thing I'll say is it didn't really prevent shine throughout the day, but this can be overlooked as I liked the formula. I'll be buying this full sized, but perhaps trying a couple of the other lighter shades to find my best match.

A few weeks ago Illamasqua sent me this sample of their Freak fragrance. I was proper chuffed when I opened up my box and saw it in there because I've been wanting to try it for aaaaages but hadn't been near a counter to have a spritz, and if you read my blog regularly you'll know I am their biggest fan. I loved the campaign with the purple-octopus-on-girl images for Freak. I also ADORE the bottle, so imaginative and beautiful. The fragrance includes scents of opium flower, Queen of the Night and Frankincense.

Review; I had my suspicions it wouldn't be for me, and it did smell how I kind of expected it to. I am usually a fan of quite heavy scents, but I am instantly drawn to sweet scents (think Prada 'Candy', Marc Jacobs 'Lola') and this smelt just that little bit too masculine for me. The scent definitely does develop through wear, and it is long lasting, both of these factors are a huge plus. I'd recommend it for girls who wear scents like Tom Ford 'Black Orchid', spicy, heavy scents. Just not 'girly' enough for me, I like to smell sweet like cherry pie!

I bought a couple of bits from YSL for christmas presents and thrown in was 'Shocking' mascara. It is one of their newest products and claims to give a false lash effect, available in 6 variants of black including cherry black and and bronze black.

Review; The wand is quite slim which allows more control as it's easier to use and you can get to the root of the lash- I cannot work with big, round brushes so was happy when I saw that the YSL wand was the 'type' I like. Its fibrous rather than plastic which was a nice change to my regular L'Oreal Telescopic and I really love the results. It instantly thickens, extends, volumises and colours lashes a deep black. It is quite a thick formula so a good outcome comes from only one coat. I'd say this product is suited for girls who like big, obvious lashes. If you prefer your lashes soft/subtle then this may not be for you. See for yourself the results;

When the samples run out, I'll be buying this full sized.  I like my lashes full, thick and defined, but for some this might be more of an evening mascara! It doesn't flake or cake throughout the day and comes off easily with makeup remover.

Do you own any of these full sized? Do you love getting samples as much as I do?!!


  1. The mascara looks gorgeous, I love getting samples like these 'cause I'd never be able to afford the real versions!


  2. I loved my freak sample from glossybox but also love prada candy x

  3. i got a nars foundation sample when i bought the dragon girl lip pencil. it matches my skin really well, and feels really nice on too :) x

  4. That mascara is gorgeous, I need it in my life! xxx

  5. Your eyeliner looks incredibleee!

  6. Thanks for this review, I'm now intrigued by the YSL Mascara as your eyes look amazing with it on!

    Leigh xx

  7. I love samples! I have a few in my make up drawer I need to try :) love the new blog design!

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