Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New In! Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.

Urban Decay 'Naked Basics' Palette, £20 for 6 x 1.3g (7.8g) 

I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it advertised (I think in a magazine?) so I placed an order for it the day it was made available. How keen is that? 
The palette is an online exclusive at Debenhams and luckily for me it was during megaweek so there was 10% off too aswell as free delivery.
I don't own the Naked or Naked2 palette, while they always tempted me I always thought that shimmery shadows from Urban Decay always created a bit too much fallout for my liking, but I was confident this wouldn't be the case with a palette of 6 matte shadows.

The packaging:
It's smaller and more compact than I thought it would be, which makes it perfect for travel. I don't think the presentation is particularly good- the pans never look very secure and you might be able to see on shade 'Faint' that it looks a bit faulty as if it could pop out any minute. I like the mirror inside which covers the entire lid and I like that it doesn't come with any brushes, as they are wasted on me (but would perhaps be helpful for others.) It is made of hard plastic which is fairly protective with a click-shut mechanism.

The shades:
Four of the shades in this are exclusive to the palette, which is nice, eh? Urban Decay describe them as 'must own' and I am inclined to agree. Neutral shade eyeshadows are a must have in any girls basic makeup collection. I'm also a firm believer that eveyone needs a good, matte black and this one contains it.

Left to right:

Venus: This one is more of a satin finish rather than matte, it's slightly frosted and is a good highlighter or used on the inner corners of the eyes to widen and brighten.

Foxy: A wearable, buttermilk shade which is good at neutralising discolouration on tired eyes. A good base for any day-to-day look.

Walk Of Shame: I am in love with this colour, a creamy pale pink, but when I say pink, I mean the faintest most delicate shade of pink. This will look great if any of you like a vintage look, as there's something quite fabulous and retro about it.

Naked2: A light brown that is very buildable, great used all over the eye for a grungry gothic look or used in the crease to define and shade.

Faint: A stunning taupey brown, can be used in a similar way to Naked2 but for a deeper, more dramatic effect.

Crave: A matte black, that is pretty black. Nothing more disappointing than a watery black, which are so common in palettes. Great to line with, define, or deepen the browns. This one is very buildable too, I've been able to get it quite intense.

All of the shades are so silky to touch and really pigmented. They're not a bit chalky which is something some companies struggle with when creating matte eyeshadows. Worn with eye primer, the eyeshadows lasted a whole day and I experienced no creasing and minimum fade. This palette gets a thumbs up from me, I haven't put it down since it arrived.

Do you own any Urban Decay Palettes? Would a palette solely dedicated to matte shadows appeal to you?


  1. I'm getting this for Christmas, I can't wait :) xx

  2. My boyfriend's got this as part of my christmas present. I'm so excited to have this waiting under the tree for me - nicely priced too.
    Thanks for the review :) xx

  3. I love the look you created - you have such pretty eyes :)

    1. Thankyou hun thats really kind- I actually don't like my eyes at all, they're wonky and hooded !!

  4. It's gorgeous - love the look you're wearing. Very pretty!! Xx

  5. Your eyecolor is so pretty :D Definitely grabbing this one as a present for someone - I already own NAKED 1 so I don't exactly see the need for Basics in my makeup kit :D great review!

  6. I really want to get this, I think I'd use all the colours :)
    Daniella x

  7. could you tell me if you think Faint would be a good eyebrow colour? I have medium-dark brown hair and everyones swatches are showing up different to each others so I can't be sure! this palette would be perfect to take with me when I'm stopping at someones house because I'd have a lid colour, highlighter, black which I use daily over my winged eyeliner and hopefully an eyebrow colour! xxx

    1. Hi Lisa! I considered it for my brows but it would be more suitable for medium than medium dark. However, if you just need it to fill a void when you're staying over someones then yes without a doubtt it could do the job for the day! You should get this I think you would love it xxx

  8. I really like this palette, like all Urban Decay's. But I feel the same as you, & just don't like the packaging as much as the others. Probably will still buy it though!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos
    K, xo

    1. I'm not a hug fan of Urban Decay packaging. But packaging doesn't matter as long as it is protexctive! YI'm sure it won't be a regretful purchase :) x

  9. This looks really great! The only matte shades I own are the ones in the NAKED palette. I always feel like I need a bit of shimmer to brighten my eyes but theres days when I'm really not in a shimmer mood.

    1. Same, I've got such hooded eyes that I feel shimmer brings more light to the area, but sometimes I feel so overdone wearing shimmer during the day. xx

  10. Love this look on you! It is such a lovely palette.

    Lela -

  11. Love the shade, looks great!
    Do check out my blog and let me know if u wanna follow each other:)
    Hugs from India

  12. I love colors you used, looks really good! I can't wait to get this for Christmas!
    Love the post and the blog, followed.
    Rachael x

  13. Thinking about purchasing this.. Seems to have a really lovely mix of colours. :)

  14. I got the Naked 2 Palette for christmas its amazing! I can't stop using it. :)


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