Friday, 21 December 2012

Ciaté 'Cookies and Cream.'

It's been such a treat opening up each window on my Ciaté advent calendar. There's been a few questionable shade choices (there's a canary yellow that I know will go untouched) but overall they've been lovely picks. 
Opening up the window to 'Cookies and Cream' immediately prompted my nude obsession to come flooding back to me. I posted a while back about how much I was enjoying a nude nail- understated, feminine and so chic but with the onset of winter I felt compelled to wear deep redsdark greens and greys. The nude polishes got brushed aside and ignored.
'Cookies and Cream' reminded me straight away of my beloved 'Sand Tropez' from Essie. They're very, very similar, a warm pastel beige that even flatters pale, pink hands like mine.
In terms of application this polish was opaque in two coats but I applied three to stengthen the finish (they seem to chip on me a bit too quickly with two coats, other than that I can't complain)

I'll do a post with the 'best of' the advent calendar after christmas with swatches of my favourites, I just thought that this one was worth a mention in the mean time. It's certainly up there in the favourites!

Do you like nude nail polishes? What nail polish are you loving at the moment?


  1. I really love a good nude polish with a pretty glitter topcoat at the moment. This one is beautiful! I'm seriously going to get the Ciate advent calendar if they do one next year. xo

  2. I've actually never tried a nude polish just greys. This colour looks really nice though and since we have a similar skin tone I'm going to check out Essie Sand Tropez so thanks :)

  3. such a lovely color! also got myself a ciaté nailpolish today :D

  4. I love nude polishes but haven't worn any in a while. All my nails broke last week so at the mo they're naked. They look like pigs trotters and I don't want to draw any attention to them! haha

  5. This nude polish looks lovely! I love wearing these kind of colours on my nails because they go with everything!

    You have a lovely blog, I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


  6. i just painted my nails in topshops threadbread and they look really similar :-) cookies and cream is such a cute name for a nail varnish! xxx

  7. this is a gorgeous colour, so weird ive been on the hunt for a shade like this and just havent seen anything that took my fancy. this is perfect :) hope you had a wonderful christmas honey xx

  8. Ah I'm so completely jealous of anyone with this calendar! Love this shade too, perfect for everyday wear



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