Friday, 16 December 2011

Benefit Review #2 Bronzer & Highlighter

Benefit '10' £23.50 for 7g.

 Underneath the absolutely disgusting packaging (why, why, why?) is a product that I've now come to use daily, without fail as my contour product. 10 contains two shades; a bronze powder and a light pink highlighting powder. There are a couple of options on how to use this product, a blusher brush can be swirled around the box which mixes the two shades together or the blusher brush can be moved in a straight, back and forth motion which picks both sides of the product up on either side of the brush. This is pictured below;

I use this product for a couple of reasons!;
  • It adds warmth to my skin tone during a time of the year when it is so important to have a bit of colour on the skin without trying to look like you've been on a two week holiday to the Caribbean!
  • It adds soft- focus dimensions and contours to my face when brushed on in the '3' pattern.
Because the pink highighter is pale and the bronze isn't too overpowering it works on my pale skin really well. A bit of blush on the apple of the cheeks et voila!! It's soft so blends really easily,blendability is a necessity with bronzer or it can look muddy or overdone on the face.  There isn't any orange pigmentation which is another bonus, I love this powde, but I wish there was more product for the money, I've owned it two weeks and I've hit pan...

Do you use 10? What powder do you use to contour with?


  1. This looks lovely! I like the majority of the benefit blushers. Agreed with the hideous packaging though, the belt is just horrendous!


  2. I just use the sleek contour kit but im really tempted to try this out now!


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