Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vivo Review #1 Eye Shadow

Vivo Eye Shadow in Purple Passion £1.50 for 3.8g

I had been looking for/ debating purchasing a lilac purple eye shadow for months, but always changed my mind at the last minute when ever I was going to buy one- worrying it would be 'too much' for me, or I wouldn't like the outcome, or I'd never use it, or I'd look bruised wearing it...The list goes on! When I was shopping in Tesco yesterday I saw a lovely, matte lilac shade jus' lookin' at me. I then saw the £1.50 price tag and bought it, thinking 'for £1.50 what do you really have to lose?'

For just over a quid, the packaging isn't half bad, it's simple and straightforward, and it works. Also, notice how much product you get for the money (over 3gs). I like the VIVO indentation in the product, it reminds me of Chanel lipsticks where the double C's are imprinted onto the bullet. A nice touch.

I'm really impressed with the product. It's wearable!! -Normally such bright/unnatural eye shades terrify me, reminding me of old ladies who insist on painting their eyelids bright blue, but I find this shade is fun and different, but not too overpowering to be used every day, during the day. Today I used it with M.A.C.'s 'Forgery' eye shadow which is a simple white- silver glitter shadow. I used Purple Passion in the outer corners, the crease, and underneath the waterline. The colour lasted a long time, and the pigmentation is quite impressive, a pastel lilac.

I can see me using this many more ways in the coming months. I am a lilac convert :-)

Have you tried Vivo products yet? Would you ever use a lilac shadow, and how would you wear it?


  1. gorgeous shade! i dont tend to stray away from neutrals but when i do i always go for lilacs!

  2. I love using lilacs on my lids as it gives a much fresher/well rested look!

  3. Zoe- I may get a bit more experimental with colour on my lids after this!

    Lions and Tigers- It does give a surprisingly fresh result! I've worn it every day since purchase!!x


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