Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Benefit Review #1 False Lashes

Benefit 'Prima Donna' False Lashes £11
Benefit Eyelash Glue £7 for 7ml

Benefit recently launched an array of false eye lashes and I've got the 'Prima Donna' pair. 
I will say that the first thing I noticed is how sturdy and strong these lashes are, in comparison to cheaper brands that I've had experience of. They seem industrial strength! I'm on my 4th use and they're still in excellent condition! They have a thick base so a sweep of liner on the lid afterwards is necessary otherwise the base may well become noticeable.

The strong plastic slide box means it is easy to store the lashes again after use, which I think is a huge positive. Storage for makeup is always a plus for me, and for something as lose-able and breakable as false lashes, the packaging Benefit are offering here is worth the investment of the slightly higher price tag.

 The lash glue is something special; it's clear and latex free. Two very strong plus points, no? Again, the lash glue is quite pricey, but the generous size of the tube will last such a long time and it doesn't have a god awful smell like the Eyelure glue does. The glue is super runny, so it can be hard to control how much you squeeze out of the nozzle as it isn't very thick like other glues tend to be. It's really important to let this glue go tacky before applying it onto the lashline, otherwise it will get into your eyes, which of course is an unpleasent experience!!
My least favourite point of these lashes is that due to their strength and their thick base, they can feel quite heavy on the eyelid. I'd imagine that if you're not used to wearing lashes very often that this factor would be quite noticeable and may be irritating. The 'Prima Donna' style are a nice length, they add volume, yet are natural enough to be worn in the daytime! Worn with a smokey eye in the evening and with a bit of added mascara, this style of lash is easily transferable from daytime to night time. I really like the look of the 'Pin Up' lash, they're a gorgeous length and are a really dark brown, rather than black. Also, the lash base is long enough to fit the largest of eyes, but most of us will have to trim them down ever so slightly. Quick tip for this; cut them at a slant to avoid them causing discomfort on your lid.

The problem I've mainly experienced when applying them, is firstly the runny glue (errors are easily made) but then the inner corners of the lash always seem to flick upwards after wearing them for a while. I normally disguise this with a bit more eyeliner, but if I'm honest it's a problem I have with a lot of falsies, cheap or expensive, they always seem to flick up a bit. I've seen these lashes on other people and this hasn't happened!

What do you think? The bottom two pictures show the problem I have with the inner corners. I think I might trim them down a bit more.

Happy lashing!!

What false lashes do you use?


  1. These look really cute but I can see what you mean about them needing a bit of liquid liner to conceal the join. I usually use Ardell lashes but I'd definitely give these a go. Thanks for the review!


  2. these look like amazing quality! 4 uses is much more than i get out of the eyelure ones i always wear! may have to pop these on my xmas wishlist :) xo

  3. I have never used false lashes before in my life, but these look lovely!


  4. thank you for your lovely comment =)
    these lashes i bought a few days ago, they are nice didnt come off all night but somehow i always manage to ruin them in my drunk state haha.
    looking lovely =) xx


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