Saturday, 12 November 2011

I done and got my nails did #Nails Inc

 Nails Inc

One coat of Holographic Top Coat
I made an appointment at the Nails Inc bar because my nails were in such a state (I'm afraid to say I'm a biter) and I needed it fixed. If I'm honest, I usually go to the cheaper nail shops (we all know which ones I'm talkin' about) to get 'gel nails', but after my rather refreshing/informative visit to Nails Inc and being educated in the proper practices of nail care (and being told that even gel nails in those places are acryllic, and that the UV dryers are used in the incorrect places), I won't be returning to anywhere else again!

I told the lady (lovely Sheeza) my situation. She trimmed my cuticles (trimming and cutting these off increases nail growth because the cuticles act as an anchor onto the nail), buffed, preened, used vitamin E oil.. I felt really pampered. She applied gel onto my nails in layers, (this does't include extensions.) She told me that due to the treatment she was giving me, my nails underneath were going to be kept in good condition. Sure enough, after a cuticle clipping and some treatment, my nails grew about a quarter of a centimetre overnight. No word of a lie!
The lilac colour is the final layer of gel (it was a toss up between this and a neutral pink!). The top coat is a Holographic top coat (I'm in love with this)- it is fine glitter particles that catch the light and reflect off rainbow colours (better than the GOSH Holographic nail laquer beause the holographic qualities are more noticeable, but I love that also. This Holographic Nails Inc varnish may also be similar to Models Own 'Juicy Jules')

3 coats of Holographic Top Coat
 I bought a treatment kit that I'll be reviewing after I've been using it for a few weeks, it contains the Vitamin E oil pen that Sheeza used on my nails during my appointment, it increases nail strength and growth- I have high hopes for this!

Overall, the experience at Nails Inc was really enjoyable. Their varnishes are amazing quality and there are some superb christmas gift sets as well. The employees know their stuff and they offer fake lashes and facial threading, as well as a range of nail treatments. 

Have you had your nails done at a Nails Inc bar? Are you loving the holographic topcoat as much as I? 

Also, if you like fashion/personal blogs then Aimee's blog is pretty good. She emailed me last week and has since added me onto her links page, I'm returning the favour! :)


  1. Hey lovely shade on the old nails :) a mac dupe would be coppering I hope that helps :) x

  2. Is the holo top-coat Electric Lane? I've been lusting after it for a few months now.

    I'm inlove with Nails Inc, you should check out QVC, they do some great value kits and I'm sure the cuticle oil pen comes a set of 2 for just a wee bit more than what it would cost for 1. Nails Inc polishes are usually £11 each but the sets from QVC work out at 6 polishes for £30 etc.

  3. Your nails are adorable, the colour is gorgeous, I love the glitter <3

  4. Love the top coat! totally considering getting my nails done properly at nails inc now!

  5. Ooh purple nails! Beautiful colour!

  6. Your nails look pretty. I am looking forward to reading your review!:D

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