Thursday, 17 November 2011

17 Review #1 BB Cream

17 Blemish Balm in Light, currently £5.99( in Boots) for 30ml 

I've been interested in using one of these for a while, I know that my Illamasqua Skin Base is 'based' on the concepts of a BB cream, but recently I've not been reaching for the Skin Base because I'm finding it increasingly harder to use. I know that the Garnier release went flying off the shelves, but I stopped myself from buying it so many times. Firstly the 'light' shade seemed too dark for my skin tone, it also seemed quite greasy and also quite expensive for something I wasn't sure I really wanted. There's been lot's of hype for BB creams, so read on to see what I think of 17's version...

Astounding results. I am honestly so impressed, surprised and happy with this product that I cannot sing its praises enough. The 'light' shade (there's currently 'light' and 'medium') matches me well, the consistency of the product is a soft liquid balm, perfect consistency as it is easily controllable, and not too thick that it's difficult to blend. A generous pea sized amount covers my face.

I've been having serious problems with my skin for the fist time in my life, recently (post coming up on that one) so was dubious as to whether even try this- wondering if it might make matters worse, and was also worried the coverage wouldn't be strong enough for a long day at work, there was no need for me to worry!
I've been using the 17 Blemish Balm for about 10 days now (I don't like to review before I've really used a product first), and it hasn't disturbed my skin, and it has been something I've chosen to pick up each day.
The coverage is a satisfactory medium, and also buildable once the first layer has dried. It covers my flaws without making me looking 'plastered on' or 'fake', it's flawless and perfect for my needs at the moment, it evens out my skintones wonderfully. I was expecting it to be weaker, considering it was a cheap product. An excellent day time coverage.
The coverage lasts all day, and doesn't dry out and cling to my pores by the end of the day like I find with some foundations. The SPF 25 is also an excellent bonus, particularly for us fair skinned girlies!

The packaging is a squeeze bottle which is handy and well designed. A simple black colour with silver writing is also a nice touch, I would say. It doesn't look like it was only £5.99!

Used all over face; Primer, BB Cream and a light dusting of loose mineral powder to seal.
All I can say is...go buy this! It's better than any cheap foundation, and is a bloody bargain. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know your opinions on this product? x


  1. Saw it in Boots the other day but wasn't sure about it after buying the Garnier one. Need a new foundation for college though so I might try this! x

  2. Ohh havent seen this yet, definitely going to look out for it!

  3. it looks lovely, your skin looks gorgeous in the picture! i'd give it a go, i'm just very wary of using new foundations as i'm so pale, with most brands they're lightest shades of foundation & powder are still too dark for me, but i'll test it out!


  4. wow i'm surprised to hear it's so good :) think i might go check it out! i like the fact its spf 25 as well, sounds like a bargain :D x

  5. Hi I have given you the versatile blogger award go and check it out on my newest blogpost!


  6. Great review!
    I've been steering clear of all BBs, just because i've heard they don't give fantastic coverage (which I need for my acne) but this does sound great. Your skin looks gorgeous!

  7. I've been dying to get my hands on this product for ages! I was a bit hesitant because I like full coverage but your skin looks gorrrrgeous in the last picture.

  8. Foundation looks good! And I love your hair! Gorgeous.


  9. This one looks loads bette than the Garnier one. Thanks for sharing :)


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