Monday, 31 October 2011

NARS review #1 Super Orgasm Illuminator

NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm, £21.50 for 30ml

My memory of buying this a few months ago was when I was in Space NK, and they were short staffed. The lady called over to me because she could see I was looking and asked if she could grab me something, and I remember; "yes please, the NARS Illuminator in Super..," and before I finished we both said "orgasm!" across the shop floor. I'm glad no-one else seemed to hear as we were in the rather well- to- do Henley on Thames, dahling.

 ...Aaaanywho I love NARS as a brand, their New York style sleek packaging and excellent reputation really appeals to me, and people never seem to be disappointed by their products. I intend on increasing my collection. Although I'm not disappointed in this product, it does exactly what you expect and to a high quality, I'm just not sure it really needed to be added to my already vast collection of illuminators and highlighters!

The product is a creamy, thick liquid, a smooth texture and has stunning light reflecting pigments in. It also has some really exciting ingredients in it which I feel makes it stand out in comparison to other illuminators out there; Vitamin B5 (Conditions and protects skin), and Polar Berries (antioxidant properties) are amongst them.
Left flash, Right without.
It is a really feminine, coral shade with really fine gold shimmer particles. I tend to use it on top of/underneath a blusher for extra impact, but on it's own in summer over a tinted moisturiser it gives a really natural glowing look. It's pearly, and due to it's golden shimmer particles it adds warmth to the skin- something important all year round. The shimmer stays all day.

All in all, the product is going to last a long time, so excellent value for money in the long run. I use less than a pea sized amount each time. It's also really versatile; I've mixed it in with foundation which gives a subtle, all over radiance and I've also used it on my lips with a lipgloss on top, as well as using it on my cheeks and cheekbones.

Pictured here on cheeks and lips
I'd really like to try it in the Copacabana shade, but I have a feeling its silver & pink pigmentation may be too similar to Benefit's High Beam, so it might not be a necessary purchase until I eventually run out of that!

Have you used NARS illuminators, or are you tempted to? Which other NARS products would you recommend?


  1. ive only ever tried nars lipsticks, i really want to try an illuminator though!

  2. It looks gorgeous on you.. the name is a little much though :p xx

  3. My make up bag is sans illuminators! You've opened my eyes! I feel I have definitely been missing something.

  4. I really want to try NARS and Orgasm is deffo on my list to purchase!

    Em xx

  5. Ooh, it's lovely. I've only got one NARS' product and that's the "Deepthroat" blush. I love it. Also the fact it's so pigmented means it's lasted me forever too! x

  6. Thats now on my wishlist! Great blog by the way

  7. Zoe- I've heard good things of the NARS lipsticks!

    Rachel- thankyou! I like the name, it's different and you certainly won't forget it :-)

    Belle Helene- GET ONE IN YOUR LIFE NOW!! I don't know how people live without them they make such a huge difference to complexion.

    emma- It was on my list for a long time, was so happy when I treated myself to it! (It was my birthday present to myself!)

    emma- I love the look of deepthroat, looks like the perfect pale pink. NARS stuff lasts for-e-ver!

    Beauty fiend- thankyou!!:-) it's a gorgeous product.

  8. I love illuminators, I'll also be tempted to try Nars when my benefit runs out


  9. I have Nars stick illuminator, didn't buy this one and I regret it so much ! I love Orgasm and Deep Throath ! Thank you for your comment back. I am a proud follower :) and you look beautiful with that shade on your cheeks ! Kisses

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  11. I only have Nars blushers and bronzers in my make up bag but WHY have i not got the illuminators? I might pop it on my christmas wish list :) x

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  13. God I love your blog! I've been scrolling through and came across this! I've been looking for a colour like this for bloody ages so thanks haha :) xx

  14. I really love how you've used it on your lips! Love multi-purpose stuff ^_^

  15. I really love how you've used it on your lips! Love multi-purpose stuff ^_^


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