Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Back to Black (Eyeliner)

Makeup Trend; Black Eyeliner Flicks.

It came to my attention recently (though it's taken me ages to blog about it) of the thick, fluid black lines that were used on the models' upper lids on the catwalks over the various fashion weeks in September.
This trend has been pretty popular for a good few years. (I have been doing it for years, and I'm sure lot's of you have too) However I can now appreciate it more as it has been used in such a modern way, also giving us the chance to embrace it even more!

M.A.C. for Kanye West, Paris Fashion Week.
M.A.C. Tumblr
M.A.C. Tumblr
Again, M.A.C for The Blonds, NY FW:
M.A.C. Tumblr

Heavy eyeliner was also seen at Richard Nicholl, Jonathon Saunders, Dolce and Gabbana, and more.

If we're talkin' eyeliner flicks, we can't forget Amy Winehouse, who changed the way so many girls dressed (nude ballet pumps, vintage denim high rise shorts, Fred Perry, hair accessories), let alone how they applied their makeup. The thick, black liner with the winged flicks became her signature look;
Google Images
Of course, the look is inspired by the pin- ups of the past, but it doesn't mean that this is the context in which we now have to understand it or use it. It can be so modern, sleek, and sexy.
It is often seen with a bold red lip for a vintage look (think Dita Von Teese), or with smokey eyes and pale lips for a modern spin on the classic look (like on the catwalks). Either way, I think it is a trend that can be easily applicable in daily makeup, it isn't too 'out there' or different, and the extent to how bold you want to be is your decision.

I've got a post coming up that will compare three different eyeliners (all at different price ranges) that you can use to create this look on the upper lid, so keep a look out for that in the next few days :-)

Will you be flicking your eyeliner? Do you already create this look?

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  1. I'm actually on trend, a first aha!

    I normally do it automatically as well, I love the pin up make up so I stick with that :) xx

  2. Love this post! I use to wear my make up like this all the time but stopped recently, i'm definitely going back to my old ways now!

  3. Nice post, can't wait for the comparions! :)

  4. LOL I tried this trend once!!! didn't take me long to realize that if you're asian with already very squinty eyes,this can make them squintier so I reverted to my usual routine of smudging kohl when I feel like it!

    Great post btw!

  5. I wish I was better at using eyeliner but I'm getting there. In college we got cake eyeliner with our kit and its way easier to use :)

  6. KissAndMakeup- It comes automatically to me too! Maybe not to the extent of miss Winehouse, but I've been doing this look for years.

    Zoe- thanks zoe! Go on girl, give it another go! It is good to mix things up though, specially makeup routine, keeps things exciting!

    Sandra- post coming in the next few days!

    Punk Chopsticks- thanks, haha your comment made me laugh! smaller, almond shaped eyes definitely benefit from paler, subtler shades!

    Chantelle- practice makes perfect :-) steady hand, patience, and time!


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