Saturday, 29 October 2011

What I Wore #4

Grey Marl Midi Dress

I'm not happy with how any of the photos came out, my boyfriends a tall man so I feel like I look a bit stumpy in all of them because they were taken from a height, (when I'm actually 5'7 and not stumpy at all!) Anyway, as there aren't any particularly flattering or good shots, I've made a little compilation instead. The weather was stunning, golden autumn leaves were on the ground, there was a gorgeous frost to the air but it wasn't cold. I don't like being cold!

I really like this dress because a)I love grey marl. I have a few tops that are similar to this. It reminds me of comfort and relaxation, but because it's a dress I think it makes it a bit more exciting than your average marl tee (not knockin' them, I loves a grey marl sweatshirt!) b) It's going to be versatile; here I've worn it with tights and boots, but it could equally be worn with ankle socks in spring, and on it's own with a belt and sandals in the summer.

 What have you been wearing lately?


  1. Ooh, beautiful compilation, very Autumnal. You look lovely, not stumpy at all! x

  2. Nice outfit, I love your hat :) x

  3. Hi Emily ! I have dimples too so when I read your blog name I got attracted by it straight away LOL
    You are lovely and your blog is very nice, so I am following you ! Hope you like my blog too and if you do please follow and be in touch ! Kisses from Italy

  4. lovely outfit, it is really striking!

  5. You are so pretty, youve got that "I stepped out of the 1940s" look which I am so jealous of. I love the dress and that hat, too pretty xxx

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