Wednesday, 19 October 2011

VO5 Hot Oil Review #1

VO5 Hot Oil Nourish Me Truly, about £4 for 4x15ml

My friend at University introduced me to V05 Hot Oil when I was complaining about my bleached hair (it was in AWFUL condition) snapping, being uncontrollable and dry. She used Hot Oil herself and swore by it. So I bought some and along with some other hair treatments, my hair was pretty much transformed as best it could be in a matter of weeks. I had bleached, white hair for a couple of years and used V05 Hot Oils weekly until I (stupidly) dyed my hair jet black in 2009 (but that's a story for another time...)


This past year I have focussed on recuperating my hair after years and years of complete abuse. I get it cut regularly, and am now proud to say not a touch of dye has touched my scalp in 10 months (you may have seen in my pictures a slight unintentional dip dye going on, it's because I'm simply growing the black out and letting my natural hair come through). I now use heat protection products, and try to use my GHDs a lot less, and I'm careful to let my hair do it's own thing a couple of times a week, I'll either hide it up in a bun or wear it wavy so that I can give it a 'rest'.

Until lately my hair was in quite good condition, but I noticed it was becoming quite dry again. I remembered, VO5 HOT OILS! The next time I was in Boots I picked some up.

The packet comes with 4x15ml treatments. I use one weekly. I place the tube under hot running water in the shower until it heats up and apply to wet hair before shampooing. Massage it into the hair and leave it on for one minute only, any longer can lead to irritation because it is an intense treatment. I wash it out as normal and commence my usual shampooing and conditioning routine.
Like I have mentioned, this benefited my bleached hair so much and was affordable on a limited student budget. I have been using the Hot Oils again for 2 weeks (2 treatments) and this is what I think so far;
  • The first time I used them, the hair felt soft and healthy again after washing. It made my hair easier to handle after washing, and smoother when styling (I used my usual heat protection products). I noticed that it made my hair so silky and soft that it looked quite flat/sleek. However, by the next day my hair had gone greasy. My hair felt quite heavy and like I had used too much product in it.
  • The second time I decided to apply the hot oil just to my ends, as this is where the dryness was occurring and I was hoping to avoid greasiness the next day. Bearing in mind I had been to get my hair cut inbetween treatments so the ends weren't as bad as they were, but after I washed my hair (cue soppy moment) my boyfriend was stroking my head and commented on how soft it was. He normally comments that my hair smells nice, or that it feels good after a cut but I think this comment shows that it works (I hadn't told him I'd used Hot Oil, cos let's face it, what kinda man cares?!) The next day it felt soft, and nourished, but not greasy or flat like the time before, result :-)

If you have seriously damaged hair, then I cannot praise this product enough. It works wonders on dry hair, but be prepared that it might be so nourishing that your hair might feel greasy the next day. Plus if you're a busy gal, this only adds on a couple of minutes to shower time and you're done. If you think of it as a pound a week spent on nourishing and restoring your hair, then I think it is a price worth paying. If your hair is healthy. naturally quite oily, then you do not need to use this product. I believe it benefited me mostly when I had bleached hair, but now I'm happy to continue using Hot Oil because it is without a doubt doing my hair good.

If you're interested in hair related reviews, then I'll be reviewing some Lee Stafford products in a couple of weeks, once I've had the chance to use them!

Have you ever used VO5 Hot Oils, did they work for you?


  1. Ohh i really want to try the hot oils! cant wait for the Lee Stafford reviews.

  2. Thank you for your comment! Glad I found this post, as of recently i'm swearing by regular cuts and proper hair products (no more 99p Boots Own Brand - limited expenditure). In addition to my hair cut tomorrow i'm going to pick some of these up as an extra treat :) Thanks again! Following future posts.

  3. Love your review! Can't wait to try these now, they sound amazing and so cheap! x

  4. Zoe- thanks! They're worth trying, they're probably not for everyone. Yep Lee Stafford- a couple of reviews in a couple of weeks, I don't like reviewing products before using them properly first.

    Belle Helene- thankyou for following me! A bit of extra nourishment, you can't go wrong!Let me know how you get on with them.

    Charlotte- very cheap, can't complain can we!!

  5. I used to use these years ago, forgot they even existed! When a man notices that your hair feels nice then you know it must be good. haha I'll make sure I pick some up, thanks.

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  7. I wanted to use this product before spending lots of money on having a salon treatment done. After reading your review, I was convinced. So I went and got some. I've only used it once, and it is an unbelievable product! My hair was so soft, so smooth, so shiny, felt less dry without being weighed down, and my boyfriend also commented on how soft my hair was. I have washed my hair normally (without using the treatment) after having used the treatment with my previous wash, and my hair still feels soft and renewed. So I will definitely be using this product once a week :D

    PS: Thank you for an awesome product review! You saved my hair :) and my confidence!

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