Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wonder Product: YSL Glossy Stain.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in '08 Orange de Chine', £22.50.

These are one of the newest additions to the YSL product range, a sucker for Yves Saint Laurent beauty and for lip products it wasn't long before I gave these ago. After trying on number 12 'Corail Fauve' and Makeda trying on number 11 we were bowled over by so many factors that these glossy stains kept coming up in conversation throughout the day as we were wowed by the unbelievable staying power as we shopped, drank and chatted. Big shout out to the blonde lady on YSL counter in John Lewis Westfield Stratford- we loved her! She even passed us after she had finished work, stopped us and commented that our lips were still intact, 6 hours later!

As much as I loved number 12, I felt I already sort-a had this colour. When I returned a couple of weeks later I opted for number 8, which is an orange shade with a coral element to it though not miles away from the original 12. I am IN LOVE.

Reasons to buy;
  • The shine finish is so intense, enough to rival any lip gloss, no shimmer or sparkle chunks, just pure high shine.
  • The colour pigmentation is impressive yet controllable; one layer applies a stunning wash of colour whereas two layers reaches full opacity.
  • The product is totally unique, it's got the best elements of a lipstick (in terms of colour pigmentation), gloss (in terms of high shine) and lip stain (this product will be on your lips for the day, and on your hands if you happen to swatch any!)
  • The product can be described as 'smooth' in so many ways- application is smooth, the packaging is smooth, and the barrier-like finish feels SO smooth on the lips.
  • Kissproof!- You can kiss your boyf with this on, and nothing will transfer from your lips to his or affect the shiny finish.
  • The colour range is excellently established; there is a colour for everyone.
  • I found there to be absolutely no side effects to the lips after a days wear of this, heck even after three days wear my lips are in a condition no worse than they started off. This really impressed me, especially after nursing my poor lips back to health after lip abuse the last couple of months!
Have you tried these? What colours do you own?


  1. Love this color on you! xx

  2. OOh I want one of these so badly! They do some amazing dark red/purpley ones as well. It's going to be so hard choosing a colour! Looks great on you :) xx

  3. You really suit that colour. I want one so badly but can never decide on a colour, theres just too many. I might be brave and go for somethin different to any colour I own.

  4. Firstly love it when I get a name check on your blog!

    I still need to get those colours, the staying power of this product is amazing. It was still on after dinner at 11pm, so that's over 9hours! Emma got the colour you've got after our recommendation and loves it. The girl at YSL was the best, I might go and buy mine from her!x

  5. This is soooo gorgeous! How is this not more raved about?


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