Friday, 25 May 2012

Dita Von Teese's Eau de Parfum

Dita Von Teese fragrance 'Dita Von Teese', £20 for 20ml (Available from Liberty's)

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It wasn't going to be long before Dita hopped on the celebrity perfume bandwagon, and I must say that the outcome is simply delicious!

This perfume was released a few weeks ago now, and it is exclusive to Liberty's, so read on if you're interested in this new fragrance!

I love the smell of this, the scent is warm and sensuous, it's luxurious and really sexy. I would group it under the Prada 'Candy', 'Ghost', Thierry Mugler 'Angel' family of scents that are heavy, distinctive and sweet. 
An extract from a page in the magazine above states that the fragrance contains rose, jasmine, bourbon pepper and patchouli, so you can imagine how deep it is yet so feminine.
It's a scent that I have been choosing to wear in the evening because it definitely holds that depth you want from a night time essence. On the Liberty website it states that it has been self named because Dita 'is the physical embodiment of everything she is presenting to a worldwide audience with her first scent creation: Glamour, elegance, and self-confident sensuality'

I don't love the bottle packaging though it does reflect elements of the fragrance itself as it's unique, seductive and stylish.
The cone shape means it lies on it's side, although it's not bulky (making it perfect to carry around in your bag) it's awkward that it lays on its side next to all of the upright perfumes you'd find in most people's collection. It's unusual, that's for sure! The jet black bottle also makes it stand out from the rest, the only other women's fragrance that I can think of that is packaged in black is Tom Ford's 'Black Orchid'. The downside to the opaque glass means it will be impossible to see when the product it running low.
A black tassle hangs off and is decorated with a single red bead, this adds that extra decoration, that extra bit of 'oomph' and attention to detail that Dita is so well known for herself.

Do you like the sound of this fragrance? What do you think of celebrity perfumes? Do you like the bottle?

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  1. I have to say I don't often buy celebrity perfumes but one of my favourites was armani diamond which was endorsed by Beyonce if that counts :)

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