Saturday, 10 March 2012

NOTD- Adele inspired Louboutin nails

Right, don't go thinking now that this idea is by any means original, Adele sported this Louboutin style nail look at the Grammys and I saw it on Chantelle's blog where she did an amazing interpretation, much better than mine!!

Since I've had gel nails and extensions done by my friend the last few weeks, I've become bored of the underneath being white and so visible because it is obviously thicker than a natural nail.
It took me a while, and involved a lot of cotton buds soaked in nail varnish remover but I kind of got there in the end, and I'm looking forward to wearing these babies out tonight. 

This would be a lot easier done on fake stick on nails, before application or if you're choosing gel extensions, to use coloured extensions rather than clear or white french tips. You could use all manner of colours for all sorts of looks, and I might try it again (if I have the patience!)

I used Models Own 'Utopia' on my nail, and an unbranded red polish that I bought from Gran Canaria (I wish I had bought more of these, I love the solution and the padded quilt style bottle)

What do you think?


  1. They look great :) I love the model's own polish. Thank you for the mention! x x

  2. these are gorgeous, what a fab idea xx

  3. I love these...what an amazing idea! I'd never think of doing something like this, but will definitely give it a go.

    Sophie x

  4. omg i love them! there adorable i need to do them! x=x

  5. Such a great idea, looks really eyecatching!


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