Monday, 12 March 2012

My favourite beauty products....for feet!!

The last couple of years have been a time where I've become more and more aware of how important it really is to take care of your feet!! Having always had jobs where I'm on my feet all day, and always seemed to have had a penchant for silly shoes that ruin my feet I noticed them detiorating and thought it was time to take care of them properly. I was never one to wear those £2 Primark flats but I do wear better quality shoes nowadays, which probably helps, too.

Ped Egg Professional (You can buy this from JML stockists such as Boots or Debenhams for £10)

My mum introduced me to these and she swears by them. It's quite gruesome to describe but it's essentially a piece of egg shaped plastic that you hold, in it clips a miniature silver grate, that you use to rub along any rough areas of the feet. It gently removes any dead skin, rough skin, hard skin etc that is on the foot which makes them smoother, and a bit more aesthetically pleasing!! You can remove the grate to bin any dead skin that has collected underneath, and then you can wash it with warm soapy water to prevent any future infections, cross contamination, or general old manky skin collecting in the grate. It's a pretty cool contraption I think, it's quite relaxing to use and it really does work (I find it's best used after showering as the skin it softer then). I try to use it once a week.

Scholl Party Feet Beauty Cream 

I've got to say, this thick cream softens and nourishes the skin on my feet so well. It's heavily scented with papaya which is fine (but it also means I sometimes associate the smell of YSL lip glosses to my foot cream, as the smells aren't that dissimilar!) but I kind of wish it was a bit sweeter/vanillary, but it is nice and fresh. It soaks in fairly quickly as it is non greasy, and is really hydrating. I bought this from Boots but can't find it on the website, it was a reasonable price (I'd say under a fiver) and I chose it because Scholl seemed to be the leaders in footcare and foot knowledge!!

Nail clippers

These are from that 'Miss Pedicure' range that you can buy in Boots stores. For the cheap price I found these are really good quality clippers that do the job really well! They're quite large which means that they often cover the entire nail in one clip, they've remained sharp since I've had them and the pink parts are made of rubber which makes it easier to grip them aswell.

Nail Polish

This one is pretty obvious, but I really can't bare the sight of unpainted toe nails! For me, some colours are a complete no no- I don't like dark, gothic colours on the feet, but nor do I like true nudes either. I always opt for bright, feminine colours; pinks, reds, or shimmer polishes. A bit of colour on the feet instantly brightens them up and makes them look more cared for. Here are a few of my favourite colours for toenails;

Left to Right; Illamasqua 'Whack', Nails Inc 'Instyle Coral', Barry M '308 Berry' and Rimmel London '415 Instyle Coral'

 --Apparently I really love 'Instyle Coral' shades for my toes!!

Happy feet :-)

Do you use any of these, or have any products you'd recommend? What colours do you like to paint your toenails?


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