Saturday, 3 March 2012

17 'Instant Glow' Bronzer Review & Instagram!!

 17 Instant Glow Powder Bronzer in 'Medium Bronze', £4.59 for 10g

17 are my favourite line for cheap cosmetics products, it's very rare their products disappoint me and items such as their eyeshadow or their BB Cream are more often than not incorporated into my daily makeup. Granted, I've not tried every product in the range, but the fact that they are constantly revamping and creating new products to sell is pretty refreshing and exciting.

They've released a new bronzer which is part of the Instant Glow range and it comes in two shades, I opted for medium bronze.

The packaging is palm- sized and circular, with black and clear plastic casing. The lid lifts easily and clicks shut into place, you are able to see the product through the packaging. When new, the pan has a shooting stars style embellishment. You get a whopping 10g of product!

I really like the fact that this product is matte, and in terms of it's texture, shade and consistency it reminds me so much of the ever famous Benefit 'Hoola'. Similarly to 'Hoola' it doesn't seem to contain any orange pigmentation- a definite plus +++++ !!

The powder picks up onto my brushes really well and I find it blends pretty well as it's soft, but it is better to start with a little and build this one up. It's suitable for an all over sun kissed look or as a contour powder. I find that it doesn't tend to look muddy, which so many bronzers can do (though this is usually due to bad application, over application etc) and the medium shade isn't too dark for my pale skin.

Overall I am really impressed with this product, I've used it a lot over the past couple of weeks. Some factors I like the most are that it is matte, it gives a natural finish and that it is so cheap. I would recommend this!

I joined Instagram this week (username is emilylaurenbethxo), I've only had it a few days but I'm really enjoying it so far, I just need more people's photos to look at, so if you have it give me a follow and I'll follow you straight back! Here's some pics I've posted so far;

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  1. That looks great! I'm always quite wary of bronzers because I have an exceptionally pale skintone, but this review has made me want to try one! x

  2. I wish we had a makeup brand like 17 in my country! Our equivalent of high-street makeup brands have so dated formulas and shades, it's such a shame really! This bronzer sounds like it can compete with high-end ones! xx

  3. Oo i may have to try this! Im always on the hunt for a matte bronzer theyre so hard to find.. i like the shade of this one i hate orangey bronzers..
    Followed you back on BlogLovin :) xx

  4. ohhhh Im going to have to look for this 17 stuff...that bronzer looks nice. Im your newest follower! My name is Emily AND I also have dimples! :) Im on instagram as well and l.o.v.e. it! I will follow you there as well!

  5. Sounds like a good bronzer :) I really want an iPhone purely for instagram! I have those Ikea plant holders ;) xx


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