Thursday, 15 March 2012

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair celebrates its 30th birthday!

Estee Lauder 'Advanced Night Repair' £54 for 50ml

Apparently 8 of these are sold per minute worldwide! That figure astounds me but I can understand why this is such a popular product, just days after using it, it had made me skin feel healthier, smoother and just generally in better condition. Two months into using it, it has become a staple product in my skincare routine.

I like the packaging a LOT! The dark brown glass bottle reminds me of vintage eras and old apothoceries yet there's a certain sophistication to it too. The pipette you use to dispense the product is really fun to use! (Or maybe I just need to get a life...)

Because it is a serum is soaks into deeper layers of skin than a moisturiser would and works on repairing damage to the skin, and minimising visible signs of ageing. At 22 years old I'm not sure that I can comment properly on the anti- ageing part, but I suppose time will tell.

The colour is a muted mustard yellow and the consistency is a thick gel that almost feels sticky until it has soaked in. A small amount covers the face and I'm hoping that my bottle will last 5-6 months. It is definitely a luxury item as the price isn't cheap! I use it after toning my face but before my moisturiser at night, it only takes seconds to soak into the skin so it doesn't feel like an awkward 'added step' to my skincare routine.

The design of this bottle is slightly different to the usual, the gold on the front is there to commemorate Advanced Night Repair's 30th birthday, that's pretty impressive and I'm a sucker for LE packaging!!

Do you use Advanced Night Repair? I've been using the eye cream too lately so expect a review on that soon :)

*I did not pay for this product.


  1. I used to get samples of this from Latest In Beauty and I loved it. It's a bit expensive for me to buy full size though :( x

  2. Would love to buy this but its too expensive really :(

    Love your blog x

  3. It sounds really good, I've never really considered using a serum instead of a cream but it does sound like it works!

  4. hello, I just came across your blog and love the post! However, I just checked and well.. it looks like this is not available in India. :(


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