Saturday, 31 March 2012

My First Tag Post!: 11 Questions

I was tagged to do this post by Ruby over on Wake Up, Make Up! And although I've never done a tag post before I thought it couldn't hurt in doing one, could it!!

The rules of this tag are, you have to answer 11 questions, and then tag 11 people to answer your own 11 questions! So here goes;

My Q&A!;

1) What's your favourite thing about blogging?

I love having a creative outlet for my passion, and the fact that some people read what I have to say is a huge added bonus! I suppose I like the thought of helping somebody out with a product review and it keeps my mind active as it keeps me writing and thinking!

2)What is your favourite makeup brand?

This is such a hard question. If I'm on a budget then I would tend to choose 17 and MUA as these are the two cheap brands that have impressed me the most in terms of their colour and product quality. In terms of high end, I'm a firm believer that every brand has it's place in the market and each excels at different things; for foundation and skincare I would pick Estee Lauder, for colour and product range I would probably pick M.A.C yet for brand message and marketing it would be Illamasqua. But I also love the sophistication and femininity of Laura Mercier, and the sleek and modern edge that NARS have! But you could name any brand to me and I'd be able to tell you something that I love about it!

3) What is your dream job?

This changes and has changed quite often throughout my life and I'm still not sure about what my 'dream' job would exactly be. Ideally I'd like to work in the city in a fast paced environment, the problem with my current job is it can be excrutiatingly boring when it is quiet. I know that I'll always want to continue working with makeup and beauty, I'm working on developing and progressing as a makeup artist by going to courses in the hope that I'll be able to set up a freelance business within the year. Ideally that would grow and I'd be successful in what I do, that's the dream.

4) If you could receive one thing as a present right now (any price!), what would you choose?

Maybe a whole new wardrobe, I mean from basics like underwear, to full on outfits and shoes. Failing that, it would be nice to own an apartment in a good city so a few hundred grand wouldn't go amiss please? Or a new laptop...I'd really like to make a couple of YouTube videos! Or a nice holiday pls!

5) What's the cheapest makeup product that you own, and love

Off the top of my head it is probably my £1 MUA eyeshadows, so far I've been nothing but impressed by them and am hoping that they release a wider colour range.

6) Describe yourself in one word.


7) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you pick and why?

I can't really think of anyone particularly...I'd love to re-live a day in my life when I was 15-16 they were the best of times and I definitely didn't appreciate it at the time! Or to live as Alex Box for a day would be really interesting!

8) What do you prefer to spend your money on -skincare, makeup or clothes?

Up until recently I'd spend the most on makeup, because it genuinely brings me joy! I love using and trying out new products and it was always a pleasurable experience because I'm within my comfort zone. However recently I've been attempting a wardrobe overhaul because I dislike the majority of my clothes and have been trying to build a new core wardrobe bit by bit. Because I am focussing on that so I suppose most of my spare money goes on clothes at the moment.

9)Tell me something about yourself that people may not already know

 I currently have 6 tattoos, my largest one took 4 1/2 hours to complete and my next one is planned for next month!

10) What's your favourite song at the moment? 

That's so hard. Anything by Nicki Minaj. I love her.

11) What's your favourite book? 

I've never really enjoyed reading books because I hate the feel of that book paper on my thumbs (OCD or something!) and so I find the whole reading experience pretty uncomfortable so I avoid it (maybe would be avoided with one of them kindles) I love my books I've bought from art exhibitions, cookery books and also loved reading Andre Breton's Manifestoes of Surrealism when I was at University, and am currently attempting to re-read it now!

My questions for you;
1) What is your 'go- to' lip colour?
2) Where is your favourite place to be?
3) Which of your nail varnishes do you pick up time and time again?
4) If you had to buy makeup products from only ONE brand for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
5) What magazine do you enjoy reading the most?
6) If you could recommend one hair product to me, what would it be and why?
7) Nights out or nights in?
8) If you could release a limited edition collection with any makeup house (low or high end) which would you pick?
9) What's your most expensive makeup item?
10) What skincare item couldn't you live without?
11) Tell me something unusual about yourself!

I tag; All of my followers!! And let me know if you answer, so that I can read the post. :-)


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