Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hydra Veil.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil, £27 for 30ml.

When I first heard about Hydra Veil I thought it was a very daring move for a colour brand like Illamasqua to release something with a rather large nod to skincare. They market it as a hydrating fluid with it's high content of hyaluronic acid, however for me it works fantastically as a primer.

HydraVeil smoothes out my skin, it isn't full of silica and it doesn't feel like a thick, heavy paste like other primers that I have used in the past. It prolongs the wear of my foundation by 2-3 hours than if I wear it without. Even on high heat days, it performs well. I use it regularly on clients and models alike because it has no SPF so benefits the photography, it also seems to suit all skin types and help the foundation apply as smoothly as possible.
I don't notice any skin care benefits, I don't even notice the 'flood of hydration' that Illamasqua describe, rather the finish is actually quite sticky which I am sure helps adhere the foundation. Expecting my skin to look dewy and refreshed, it actually makes the finish of my foundation quite matte.

It's a very unique consistency. A wobbly jelly in the pot it smoothes to a more liquid finish when being massaged into the skin. No matter how many times you stir the product, it always settles back down into a smooth, ice like finish in the end.

The packaging lets the product down. It isn't very nice to look at, it's a bulky black cauldron and the 'Illamasqua' branding rubbed off after about three uses. There's a flip lid underneath the main screw lid, and this has snapped off and won't go back on. It's a pretty integral part of the design as it protects the jelly from any dust etc. It's really disappointing because I have over half of the product left. These are the sort of elements that should have been tested thoroughly before a product release, it seems rushed and the packaging would definitely benefit from a redesign.

While primers often get forgotten in my daily routine more often that not, I do use this product in my kit on the regular. It's hard to say right now whether I'll repurchase or try something else, at £27 it deserves to have sturdier or more aesthetically pleasing packaging!

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  1. Bad packaging really gets my goat and at 27 quid you would expect it to at least stay in one piece. I do like the sound of this though.

    1. Me too, it really puts me off! It is a good primer though xx

  2. Despite bad packaging and not really doing what it claims it sounds like quite a good product. Im really fascinated by the texture/formula, sounds quite strange! x

    1. I know, I am a bit confused by what they really wanted it to be, but as a primer it does perform! The texture is so unique! X


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