Thursday, 4 July 2013

Etat Pur Review

Etat Pur Express Purifying Mask, £7.50 for 50ml.

I won a couple of products quite a while ago in Sandra's Giveaway. They were both from Etat Pur, a brand I hadn't previously used, but both I have enjoyed using so much.

The mask uses white clay and is therefore white in colour with a fairly thick texture. Clay based masks are great for drawing out any impurities and clearing the skin, and that is exactly what this mask claims to do, along with creating a fresh and radiant complexion.

I find this mask much more comfortable to wear than the other clay masks I own. It does dry and consequently set, but doesn't feel too heavy. I once had it on for hours, I was pottering around the house and completely forgot it was still there until I looked in the mirror! The instructions state that this only has to be left on for 5 minutes, hence the 'express' in it's name, but as always a like to leave it on a little longer to ensure maximum results (normally half an hour to 45 minutes if I can.)

One thing I really notice is how soft and plump my skin feels afterwards. It doesn't feel dry or tight, like my skin does feel after many other clay based masks. It really does seem like it has worked with the balance of my skin rather than stripping it completely, so I would therefore recommend it for sensitive skins too.

The main factor I really noticed when looking on the Etat Pur website is the value for money. For the quality I have noticed with the products, the price point is actually very affordable. This mask costs only £7.50 and the micellar cleansing water Sandra also sent me is £7.40 in comparison to the La Roche-Posay I am currently using which is about £11 in Boots. 

Check out Etat Pur, I know I will definitely be buying from them in the near future as they have surpassed my expectations!

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  1. This mask sounds lovely! I also have noticed clay masks can dry out the skin a lot! I live in the U.S. but I may be able to order it online.

    Great post!!

  2. I really like Etat Pur products- I have this mask too and love the way it leaves my skin feeling
    Daniella x

  3. Sounds really good for the price! :) x.

  4. Never heard of Etat Pur before :)

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