Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner Review

Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in 'Purple Velvet', £9.24 for 0.35g here.

I was really looking forward to trying my first ever Daniel Sandler product. The makeup line is quite highly regarded and I've not read any negative reviews myself. I have been itching to try the Watercolour blush for years now and when my budget allows it, I know I'll be stocking up on a few.

'Purple Velvet' on the stock photo looked so vivid and beautiful. I had visions of a shock of purple blended into water and lashline, great for emphasising green eyes and something a bit different to what I am usually reach for. On first swatch I noticed that the purple is actually a deep aubergiene colour, perhaps a more sophisticated version of the electric purple I was expecting. It has fine silver glitter running through it and became opaque on my hand after three swipes.
The colour pay off is quite weak on my eyes in comparison to other pencils I own, I found I had to work quite hard for the colour to show up well, as the product seems more suitable for a slight wash of colour/liner rather than anything vivid or intense.  I had terrible trouble trying to apply this to my waterline, I got absolutely no colour pay-off after rubbing it on there several times before giving up. Slightly disappointing, but as this liner doesn't claim to be a 'kohl' I cannot be too disappointed and it shouldn't affect my review.

The liner can be quite easily smudged and softened, something quite unusual in a waterproof  product as they are normally a lot more stiff in consistency. This is an element to the liner that I really like. For me this works better as an eyeshadow crayon, something to be worked into a smokey eye or smudged to create a purple wash of shadow. Due to it's twist-up mechanism, the pencil can't be sharpened which I find also lends itself to being used as an eyeshadow crayon because it is hard to get a precise finish after it has been used a couple of times as there is no way to sharpen it.

In terms of it's waterproof claims, it performs quite well. I wore it on a 2k jog, which although isn't a long or gruelling run, definitely put it to the test. It remained intact with a little fade. Not bad!!

I had high expectations for this but it just doesn't deliver as an eyeliner in my opinion. I am glad however, that I have found a use for it. Due it it's soft crayon texture, and it's fantastic blendability, I will certainly be using it as an eyeshadow rather than a liner from now on. This slight disappointment hasn't put me off, I would definitely be interested in trying more Daniel Sandler products in the future. 

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This product was sent for me to review. Hairtrade.com is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products. You can order this product by clicking here.


  1. I always do the same as you! I use eyeliners that are too creamy as a base. I hate when they're too creamy though because you lose control when you're lining your eyes ergh so annoying but at least there is another use for them :)


    1. Yeah it was really hard lining them precisely, because it was so creamy and ended up blunt! Looks lovely worked into a smokey eye though! x

  2. Aww that would have been nice if it were an electric purple! I hate those kind of eyeliners that you need to go over and over to get some kind of color. Not trying to rub our eyes raw haha. It does sound great to use as an eyeshadow..


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