Monday, 22 July 2013


MAC 'Nightmoth' Lip Pencil, £12 for 4.5g

I had a shoot coming up where I was told I would be creating a 'burlesque' look. I had visions of bronze and gold eyelids with deep purple lips and diamond details. When I was actually at the shoot the spec changed slightly. I had bought 'Nightmoth' especially, but as I had been eyeing it up for a while I needed any excuse to make the purchase. 
I ran with dark plum lips as a theme, as a recent trip to the cinema left me mesmorised by the hair, makeup and costume in The Great Gatsby. I lined the lips with Nightmoth and filled the lips in the centre with Illamasqua's 'Drench' (a raspberry red) and blended them together with a lip brush to create an ombre effect. I've included a photo to show the result. I know this pencil will come in handy, it's important to have a suitable matching lip liner for dark colours and I love creating a graduated effect with brighter lipsticks in the centre too. 

Nightmoth is a very deep plum purple with brown undertones. Similarly to other MAC Lip Liners- while there is great and long lasting colour pay off, the consistency can be a little dry at times and does pull at the lips if you press hard (which sometimes you need to.) However that aside, they sharpen and perform really well.

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  1. Wow that colour really packs a punch, looks great!

    1. I love it! Can't wait to wear it more when winter arrives x

  2. I need this!!!!!! Love the ombre lips you created :D


  3. This is a gorgeous shade, very brave but with the right outfit it's stunning!!


  4. Such a dark velvety shade! xx

  5. woah that is amazing! your lips are going to perfect for autumn! Love that shade on your lips!

    Myra x

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