Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

I've seen it in American Apparel, I've seen it in & Other Stories, but I finally caved when I saw the infamous Dr Bronner's Magic Soap in my local HomeSense store for a few pounds off it's RRP. After contemplating which 'flavour' to choose I decided to go with Peppermint, because you just can't beat the freshness of a mint scent. My intention was to use it for all sorts, but mainly for cleaning my makeup brushes as it had been recommended to me.

The first thing I must say is that this is such a thorough cleaner. It makes things squeaky clean, and I mean squeaky, in little to no time at all. I tested it in three ways: My makeup brushes, as a bathroom cleaner, and as a shower gel. It does state it's multipurpose, after all.

On my makeup brushes it didn't lather up much, but cleans them very well. Unfortunately I can't detect a peppermint smell once they have dried, but that would have just been an added bonus. I've noticed no difference to the quality of my brushes, nor has it left any residue behind or was hard to rinse out.
A few squirts of this around my bath, shower and sink and lathered up with a cleaning sponge, this worked fantastically. I love that it isn't pumping any nasty or dangerous chemicals back into the environment, and a little really does go a long way. My bathroom was dazzling within minutes, as it works grime and smudges off immediately.
This really foamed up when I used it as a shower gel, and it was a very luxurious clean. However, I didn't like that it made my body squeak after I had washed it off!! Loved the peppermint scent lingering on my skin for the rest of the day though.

Magic Soap is a fantastic product because it is multipurpose and also cruelty free. None of the ingredients nor the final product are tested on animals (which for me always makes a product way more enjoyable to use) plus they are vegan as they don't use any tallow in the soap making process. Magic Soap is completely free of harmful and/or nasty ingredients such as SLS or parabens. Not only this, but it is a 100% organic product AND fair trade! If there was ever a completely ethical product to buy, this is it. Next time I see it locally I'll be stocking up, I've really enjoyed using this and have been so impressed by it too. I would be intrigued to try more products from Dr Bronner too, especially the hand sanitizer and the the body soaps. What a fantastic brand, definitely one I will be looking into more and would completely recommend this.

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  1. My favourite liquid soap, love this one and the almond, so many uses for this product :)

  2. This sounds fantastic, I take it that it has soap in? i'm on a soap free routine for my skin at the moment, such a shame otherwise I'd snap this up!

    Izzie, 739051 xo

  3. I love this too. Peppermint is my fave but I really liked using the tea tree version as shampoo when my scalp was playing up (it really stinks though!) Think I got my big bottle half price from ASOS yonks ago and it's still going strong.

  4. i love this soap!! My favorite is the green one:)

  5. I used it as body was too and didn't like that it left my skin so squeaky! I also tried it as toothpaste and that was the worst idea ever! It is SUPER foamy and doesn't taste too great, although many people use it for toothpaste and mouthwash. Im going to try and clean my brushes with it like you did! Thanks for posting!


  6. Love Dr.Bronners! I haven't used it to clean my makeup brushes before though, so will have to give that a try :) x


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