Monday, 23 April 2012

Two TopShop Makeup Brushes; Review

TopShop Blush Brush £8
TopShop Concealer Brush £5

I am a bit of a brush snob, always choosing expensive brands over ones you can buy in Boots or Superdrug because of previous bad experiences with molting Max Factor brushes (the Real Techniques brushes aren't included in this sweeping generalisation).
I thought I'd try these TopShop brushes purely because they were cheap and in the packaging looked like they'd be 'alright' quality. I've been using them for a couple of months now so thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you.

Blush Brush;

This is a medium sized powder brush that isn't very well rounded in my opinion, it's fairly full in terms of it's head of fibres, but is a peculiar shape and dependant on which way or angle you use it, it can be quite flat.
It picks up little but even product which is an advantage if you wish to build colour, or if you only wear a small, natural amount of blush.
The fibres themselves are quite rough and scratchy to the face, application isn't always a smooth process.
This brush does the job and is good for it's price if you like a full cheek of colour rather than precision application, and if you like a subtle wash of colour as the brush doesn't pick up too much product because the fibres themselves aren't densely packed. I've been using it here and there but if I'm honest I've been really enjoying using the Real Techniques Buffing brush to apply my blusher recently, I love the soft focus finish it gives.

Concealer Brush;

For me, this is a regretful purchase. I often hold an on/off relationship with concealer brushes, sometimes I think they are useful but sometimes I believe you can't beat a bit of finger action to blend that baby in!
This brush picks up product well but doesn't disperse it evenly and offers nothing in terms of blending it in at all. It makes any area concealed fairly obvious which destroys the point of using concealer! The synthetic fibres are too stiff, basically...I couldn't find a way to make this brush work for me!

I like the packaging of these in the plastic slip that they come in, I also like the way the brushes are presented with their black handles. However, my original opinion still remains that forking out money for decent makeup brushes is definitely worthwhile. Some things you just can't do on the cheap!


  1. I've never found a concealer brush that works for me. I wanted the RT Deluxe Crease brush for concealer, it looks great in tutorials.

    I'm still a Topshop makeup/brush virgin.

  2. I have the concealer brush too :) Love it :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. Been There Done That; I'd recommend the makeup but these brushes have been fairly disappointing unfortunately. I'm sure I'll carry on using the blusher brush here and there.

    Laura- I don't like the concealer brush...


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