Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2 China Glaze Polishes #NOTD

China Glaze '1007 Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)'
China Glaze '634 Frostbite'

For those of you who know about Sally's (I think it's just a UK chain?) well I popped in there a few days ago with the intention of buying a pink polish (I wanted a mega Barbie- pink that I seem to have bypassed in my current collection) but these two colours stood out to me while I was in there, they seemed unique, rich and gorgeous and weren't colours I've ever worn on my nails in the past. Plus it was buy one China Glaze get the other half price so it would have been rude not to buy two!!

Turned Up Turquoise; It took two coats of this to be properly opaque but due to it's extremely quick- drying formula it only took a few minutes to actually apply this. It dries to a semi- matte finish which is not particularly to my taste so the second photo below shows it with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine (from my March favourites post below) topcoat over the top to spruce it up a bit! It's a tropical green colour that is a bright jade shade, it's very bold but it is so pretty and exotic. Unfortunately it only lasted a day and a half before the edges had worn slightly and a couple of chips had occurred!

Dried, without topcoat.
With topcoat.
Frostbite; I don't know if it's just my bottle but this formula does smell quite grim! Similarly to Turned Up Turquoise it took two coats to reach an opaque finish. However, unlike Turned Up Turquoise this dries to a shiny finish but I would still advise a topcaot, of course! The formula is thicker, slightly gloopier and did take longer to dry. It is a gorgeous peacock blue colour, a sophisticated, electric finish that is so stunning and bold. Because of its thicker formula, it didn't chip as quickly as Turned Up Turquoise.

What China Glaze shades would you recommend to me?



  1. Love the turquoise shade with a top coat on, I'm still yet to get my hands on China Glaze but they do some amazing shades!


  2. Ooh Sally's in the US too! I would love China Glaze.. especially Turned Up Turquoise but $10 per polish would make me go broke!

    I tried VIII once. A nice dark purple vampy shade!

  3. those nail polishes are sooo pretty grate for spring and summer :) wish i could get them in the uk but have no idea were they sell china glaze.


  4. oooh the turquoise shade is nice - love your ring too!


  5. Wow! I love the Turquoise shade, it's really awesome!
    Your blog is lovely, I'm really glad I found it. I wasn't sure if China Glaze was good and your photos have shown me that they are! Definitely buying them :)
    xo Maria

  6. Emma- Since trying them I would recognise them- I got so many compliments on both shades!

    Crissy- Ohh thanks for letting me know! You should treat yourself to Turned Up Turquoise :)

    Elysa- Hi it says in my post that I bought them from Sallys in the UK.

    Kim- Me too! Thanks, it's from TopShop.

    Maria-It's such a great shade, really pops! They're lovely polishes, expect them to chip after 2 days though,!

  7. I don't own any China Glaze, but these colours are gorgeous! I really need to give them a go! xox

  8. Oh wow i love these! must try China Glaze xx

  9. Wow this post is great, I love both colours but I will have to buy the turquoise :)



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