Saturday, 21 April 2012

GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Powder!

GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Powder in '002 Pink', £8.19  for 9g.

Realising I hadn't bought anything from GOSH (aside from their glitter pots for nails) in a couple of years I thought it time I re-acquaintenced myself with the range exclusive to Superdrug in the UK. I used to be a big fan of their pressed powders back in the day, great for pale skin!

This is GOSH's version of the shimmer brick (similar products available from Bobbi Brown and 17 to name two), technically classed as a bronzing powder I wouldn't personally use it in this way as the colour strips are much more suitable to be used as a blusher on my complexion. The sparkle shimmer would not be appropriate if you're looking for a contour or all-over bronzing shade.

Initially there are some chunky glitter particles on the top surface of the product. These do translate onto the skin and aren't very flattering as they are green/irredescent and very obvious, however after the top surface has been used these chunky particles are no longer visible in the product. Instead, a more natural (yet still shimmery) sheen can be seen and the finish is much more satisfactory and wearable!

With primer and foundation I find this product wears well for about 6 hours. After this it does become a bit patchy and worn looking on my skin.

The colour you achieve when the product is swirled together is a dusty, dirty pink colour. It's nice for everyday, and is mostly flattering if you work indoors, as the sparkle on the cheeks isn't very flattering in summer weather. Instead, this could also be used in the evening to add a highlight to the cheekbones, or to add a little shimmer on top of a matte cheek colour.

The packaging is really impressive, I love how flat the product is, considering there's 9g of powder the case isn't bulky, instead it is sleek and protective. I like that you can see through the plastic to see the product inside, and my favourite is the click shut/push button mechanism. It keeps it secure and it so easy to use (so much better than Illamasqua packaging, does anyone else get really annoyed/break nails opening that stuff?!)

Overall I do like this product, and don't think it is too bad for the price. However I wouldn't recommend it as a bronzing powder, more a shimmer blush if you're after one that is a good everyday pink colour. It's nothing overwhelming or must have, but not a bad product from GOSH!! I also bought a lipstick and a nail varnish, so expect reviews to come on those :-)

Thanks for reading, have yourself a lovely Saturday! I'm back to cleaning and sorting stuff out now, we have Dan Smith (from LA Ink) staying with us next week and I want our place to be a bit more organised (I've been on a selling rampage on eBay!)


  1. I saw this the other day in Superdrugs when I was looking for a bronzer! So glad I went with Bourjois instead

  2. This is a really informative review! I've never bought from Gosh before but it's cool to see that they've got some pretty nice products for reasonable prices - will have to take a look! x

  3. Great Review ,thanks for the Swatch :)


  4. i love the glitter!!


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