Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Vogue Makeup Spring 2012 FOTD

I love reading Vogue Beauty online and their recent article depicting the makeup trends for the coming season using looks from the runways really interested me. I love reading about makeup trends, what's hot and what not, whether I choose to apply it to my face in day to day life is another story but it definitely inspires me

Look 01; Doll- like Prettiness
This look if from Louis Vuitton and the theme was also found in Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana amongst others!

The look is youthful, freshfaced and simple.
There's emphasis on dewy skin, luscious lashes and a pink nude lip- very easy to translate into daily makeup, and probably one a lot of us adopt! The eyebrows are brushed upwards to appear bushy and natural which contribute to the overall youthful finish.
I really enjoyed recreating the look, I used a minimal amount of products, no brushes (does a mascara wand count?!) and kept techniques simple. I took a simple approach to application, and used versatile products that could be used in more than one way to keep it basic.


Estee Lauder B.B. Cream in 'Light' mixed with Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in '02'. (Review)
M.A.C. Cream Colour Base in 'Pearl' (Frost) (Review) as a soft highlight on cheekbones, and down the centre of the nose.
M.A.C. Cremeblend Blush in 'Something Special' on cheeks and lips
Benefit 'Instant Brow' Pencil and 'Speed Brow' Gel
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Pencil in '071 Pure White' on the inner corners of my eyes, blended onto the top lid, along the waterline, and above my lip to gently highlight my cupids bow.
Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara
Eyelure False Lashes no. 151
Laura Mercier Lip Glace in 'Nude Lilac'.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Gorgeous, Hope you'll do more of these X

  2. The eyelashes are gorgeous and your eyes are so pretty. Great makeup x

  3. I love your make up.

    Btw your profile picture is beautiful x

  4. I love how dewy your skin looks! Gorgeous

  5. Your hair colour is to die for! You're just stunning! Following you!x

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  7. such a gorgeous look! I love your version of it too :)
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. wow you look gorgeous! x

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  10. Love the dewy look. Your skin is immaculate.
    L xo


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