Sunday, 5 February 2012

Estee Lauder's new B.B. Cream

Estee Lauder B.B. Cream in 'Light', £32 for 30ml

Estee Lauder are jumping on the B.B. Cream bandwagon with this new release! Like all B.B. Creams it claims to create a 'beautiful, healthy complexion all day long' because it 'moisturises, protects and perfects your skin in a single step.' (Estee Lauder website)

It is available in two shades, obviously I've got the light shade and unfortunately on it's own it is slightly too yellow for my skin, which is pink undertoned. However, due to it being a B.B. Cream it blends and adapts to skin well, creating that 'my skin but better' finish. They state that you can use it underneath makeup or on it's own, but recently I've been mixing it with my Illamasqua Skin Base (02 for reference) and that creates the finish that I want as it 'dilutes' skin base to a better, more manageable consistency.

It's part of their Daywear range which is one of their skincare lines, similar to Garnier's this has been marketed as a skincare item. I personally see BB Creams as makeup because it offers coverage and I find it too thick to be a categorized as a moisturiser. (The packaging states that this should be the last step in a skincare routine.)
It evens out skintone really well and being oil free is a definite plus. The SPF 35 is pretty advantageous, too.
It offers light- medium coverage, with powder swirled on top the coverage is more than enough for daily wear.
Because it is oil- free it doesn't feel greasy on the skin (like some tinted moisturisers do), and it dries to quite a matte finish with a slight dewy sheen, which I like.

The packaging is a squeeze bottle with nozzle which is practical and functional, and the pearlised opaque aqua tube is clean and sophisticated- very Lauder!

The texture is similar to most B.B. Creams I have come into contact with. It's a thick, balm like consistency that melts on body temperature enabling it to blend well. It has a vague scent of cucumber which is nice and fresh!

Would I recommend this?
If you like B.B. Creams or tinted moisturisers, and if you enjoy light-medium foundation coverage then yes, I would recommend. I like this product because it is oil free, has an SPF, perfects skin tone and is packaged well. It is more suited to those whose skin leans more yellow than pink. It provides a lovely base for makeup if you still want to wear a foundation on top. It's definitely going to be well used in the summer months for me, but at the moment I'm enjoying wearing it on my 'off duty' days.


  1. I have a similar problem, most foundation based products are far too dark for me! I prefer a more 'high coverage' look with regards to my make up ect, however I am definitely considering a tinted moisturizer for my holidays this year.


  2. Oh I'd love to try this! My only experience with BB cream is the Garnier version and I wouldn't classify it as HG material... I'm quite liking the higher spf of this one by Estee Lauder- and I'm all for cucumber-smelling skincare! Great thorough review and pics, luv xx

  3. I have been so curious about BB creams lately but haven't taken the plunge yet because I have oily skin and I've heard reviews on other BB creams where it turns shiny if used on its own. I would like to find one that is good for my oily skin that I only have to powder over it and it doesn't get shiny. I really appreciate your review of this product! It is so helpful! :)

  4. I'd really love to find a BB Cream I like but I'm starting to think they're not for me. Would quite like to try this one as I'm a big Estee Lauder fan. Great review!


  5. Id love to try this. Im loving the Garnier BB Cream right now and it's taken over from foundation and iv found my skin to be much healthier since ive started using it! So ill definately have to look into this - Im a fan of their Double Wear foundation so im sure i'll like this. :) Great review x

  6. Lovely review! Interested in trying it..
    x George |
    {don’t forget to enter my giveaway!}

  7. I jus received my sample but I haven't tried it yet. I noticed it has a really strong smell tho... xx


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