Friday, 10 February 2012

Two very sensible NARS purchases!

NARS single eyeshadow in 'Abyssinia' £16.50 for 2.2g
NARS lipstick in 'Bell De Jour' £17.50 for 3.4g

I always get a little overexcited at the NARS counter because it is one of my favourites, but I restrained myself and bought two very wearable, everyday products, and thought I'd share with you my sensible buys!!

Single eyeshadow 'Abyssinia'
'Abyssinia' is a 'delicate pearl sheen' (NARS website) however I'd argue that the pearl finish is very subtle and doesn't 'define' the finish if you like. The formula itself is buttery and blends fabulously. Because of it's cream shade it can be used as a base colour or as a highlight on the brow bone, or even on it's own for a simple day look. I'm pleased I bought this, for such a pale shade it is useable and wearable; does anyone else find that pale shades such as this are often annoyingly chalky with minimum colour pay off? Not with this one, worth the price investment if you get as annoyed at pale chalky shadows as I do!!

Lipstick in 'Belle De Jour'

'Belle De Jour' is a sheer finish lipstick, it leaves a subtle wash of colour on the lips but I've found this is buildable with a couple of coats for a slightly bolder finish. It is a beige colour that has nude and orange hues in it.
The shape of the bullet is perfect, the point is very precise and due to it's translucent finish this could be reapplied easily without a mirror if necessary!
I have found that is does dry out my lips slightly after wearing it, but this may change when the weather gets better as my lips aren't in their best condition at the moment. Obviously it's sheen finish means it isn't hugely long lasting, I'd say it lasts comfortably for a couple of hours maximum.
This lipstick was listed at number 6 on The Independant's list of top 10 lipsticks; the article states "This lipstick is one of those perfect in- between' colours, blending terracotta with taupe to create a modern take on a trendy neutral' (The Independant) - and I totally agree. It is a simple nude, but with a definite edge to it. I'd imagine it could be layered on top of bolder colours to town them down, or to add a sheen to your favourite matte lipstick, but I haven't tried either of these yet.

Both of these are what I call perfect 'interview' colours. They're neutral, inoffensive, light and don't make too much of a statement (obviously dependant on what interview you're going for!) ; )
Both are of high quality (as you'd expect from the price) and packaged in the sleek black NARS packaging that we all know and love. The eyeshadow feels particularly well protected, and even comes complete with miniature mirror inside the compact.


  1. love these colours, so perfect for a natural look, very clever buys, could wear them everyday, will deffo get your moneys worth! xxx

  2. Looove the looks of the Nars eyeshadow! You did some smart shopping, isn't it nicer when you get high-end cosmetics in wearable shades? My Impassioned lipstick remains unloved since last summer- and I only wore it twice! Sob sob...

  3. I really want to try some of the Nars products. I never really look at their counters but I think the blushes look great. That eyeshadow is a really good shade too! x

  4. I really want this eyeshadow, it looks so versatile! I've never owned anything by Nars believe it or not, I think I may need to make a purchase now!


  5. These look like gorgeous products; never bought anything NARS, always been put off the price, but when a product is so wearable like these I think it's worth it :) xo

  6. love the lipstick colour - its good to get some more 'wearable' stuff.

  7. That lipstick is such a gorgeous colour. I've never tried any NARS lipsticks before but I'm definitely tempted to now!

    Gillian x

  8. woo love the lipstick! ive never tried Nars before, so many people say its good i guess i'll just have to give it a go


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