Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LUSH Review; Dream Wash

LUSH 'Dream Wash' £9.25 for 250g.

I first came into contact with this last year when it was recommended to my boyfriend to go hand in hand with his Dream Cream- a moisturiser that is hailed as a wonder product due to it's natural ingredients and has been recommended as a healing remmedy for those suffering with dry skin or more serious skin conditions. 

Anyway, I took a real liking to using Dream Wash in the shower as a replacement to my shower gel. The consistency of the product was like nothing I'd ever used before - it's a sort of soft clay in texture, it's thick but once applied to wet skin it lathers and it leaves skin feeling squeaky clean. It's off- white, almost lilac toned in colour and is smooth to the touch. It's mild and soothing which is perfect for both everyday use and for those suffering with skin ailments, and leaves my skin feeling nourished and healthy!

Dream Wash really feels like it is doing your skin good when you use it, it contains so many ingredients that are well- known to be beneficial to the skin- Calamine, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Lavendar...Its scent is very natural and almost peppery, it reminds me a bit of that herby smell you get from Liz Earle products. The scent isn't overwhelming on the skin and because it smells so natural and organic, and due to it's thick consistency it feels luxurious to use.

Dream Wash can be found in the 'Shower Smoothies' section of the LUSH website.

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  1. This sounds so different, think i might be adding it to my next order!

  2. This stuff sounds amazing, really fancy trying it now! xo

  3. Sounds like a great product. I'll give it a go myself, I'm really getting in lush lately. :)

  4. So lovely the texture of the product.

  5. Wow this looks lovely xx
    Wanted to invite you to check out my blog sale xx Maybe we could follow each other xx You have a wonderful blog xx

  6. Oh i do love Lush! I've never tried this product before but it sounds great. I will definitely have to check it out next time i'm in Lush. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it :) xx


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