Sunday, 13 January 2013

Building my Makeup Artist Kit.

I thought I'd write a post to show you some bits I have picked up for my makeup kit. Some of you may know that I have been working on makeup counters in department stores for a while but I have decided to branch out into freelance artistry on the side because it's the creative aspect of makeup that interests me, not so much the retail/sales. I have always been fairly creative, I used to paint a lot and I studied a degree in Art History. I kind of fell into makeup but it's something I have a huge passion and inherent interest in (hence this blog, too!) so it makes sense to persue it and hopefully forge a career out of it.

I am booked into a makeup artistry course run by Louise Constad in April, the course includes a basic makeup kit so there are only a few bits I need to get to 'complete' it!

I recently left my job working for the Estee Lauder companies and thought I had better take advantage of my discount and place one last order to supplement any gaps in my future kit. I think the generous staff discount is the only part of the job I will miss! I decided to just order MAC items this time as they are reasonably priced, of good quality and are a brand I am very familiar with.

I ordered two brushes- the 210 eyeliner brush which is a staple in my personal makeup routine. It's very fine and works great with gel eyeliner or for precise detailing but to be honest you could buy fine paintbrushes from your local arts store for cheaper! I ordered the 188 Duo Fibre brush but I expected the head to be a bit larger. I noticed that there isn't a duo fibre included in Louise's kit and as I am so used to using brushes like this I thought it would add to the brush collection well.

I bought a Fluidline in 'Dipdown'. Louise provides us with the Fluidline in 'Blacktrack' so I thought it would be useful to get a dark brown gel liner as I use both shades regularly.

I bought 6 eyeshadows ready to pop into a pro palette, so I got some extras in shades I know and love and think will be useful. I bought 'Coppering' and 'Cranberry'- two of my favourites. They're so warm and unique. I got 'All The Glitters' as it would be a useful frost colour. 'Cork' and 'Omega'- two matte, natural earthy browns. 'Omega' is also great for filling in blonde brows. Then I got 'Sumptuous Olive' thrown in for good measure- a wearable, moss green.

So that's it so far! I bought a pill box from Muji to decant some lipsticks in. Would you be interested to see a post on that once I have done it? 

Please let me know if you like me including makeup artist related posts. 
What would be your kit essentials?


  1. Good luck with your course, it sounds like such an amazing opportunity! My friend used to work on the counter at Estee Lauder & the discount is definitely something we miss! Would love to see a lipstick post!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  2. I would love to see a post on it! :) i've been thinking about getting coppering, just don't know if it would suit me. Good luck with the course!

  3. I love Muji bits for storing makeup and accessories! I would love to see some photos when you have finishes your kit?

    Good luck with your course! xxx

  4. Hope all goes well with your course! You should definitely let us know how you get on :) I'm doing a course in make up application in march - would love to become a make up artist too!! Fingers crossed this is the year! Good luck xx

  5. Love posts like this! You'll have to do another post on the kit you get at your new course! xx

  6. I would love to see a post after you get your Muji and your makeup artist kit! Great post, great blog :)

    xo Abbey

  7. Best of luck on your course, something I would absolutely love to do! New to your blog, and loving it.

    natalie (a fellow essex bird!) @


  8. Good luck with your make-up artistry! :) I want to get my hands on Mac - Cranberry, All that Glitters and Omega! I need to make up one of my own palettes!
    LaceyLoves x

  9. Good luck with the course and the freelance xx

  10. Hi,
    I like your blog. And good luck with the course.


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