Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Midweek Post: Limited Edition LUSH Shower Gel.

LUSH 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel, £4.25 for 100ml. (Limited Edition)
LUSH 'Twilight' Shower Gel, £4.25 for 100ml. (Limited Edition)

I popped into LUSH last week to pick up my annual bottle of Snow Fairy. I know it must be a love/hate scent because Snow Fairy is so sugary that it wouldn't appeal to everyone, but I do enjoy it's sickly sweet aroma. I don't however enjoy its sickly sweet aroma for more than 100ml. This gets a bit much and a bit samey very quickly, and while it is a treat to have, I'm always happy to see the back of it. Talk about a fickle relationship, eh?
I was really interested in buying Glogg but apparently missed the boat on that one as it isn't being sold this Christmas (even though it's on the website?) Instead the sales assistant showed me Ponche and Twilight. While I wasn't too fussed on the orange/tequila Ponche I was happily surprised at how much I liked the first whiff of Twilight. Infused with Lavendar and malt it seemed like the perfect night time shower gel. While it has the strong, herby scent of lavendar it doesn't have that nana smell that so many products have, it's got a bit more punch without being overwhelming or intoxicating. I've used it every day since.

I trotted home with my two 100ml shower gels a very happy girl. I am an absolute shower gel addict- I LOVE them! I think I've got 5 or 6 in regular circulation at the moment. The only downside to these two shower gels is that they contain parabens. I think it's a real shame that a company such as LUSH who champion cruelty free and natural ingredients are still including parabens which have such a bad stigma attached to them. If it wasn't for this fact I'd give these products a double thumbs up!


  1. My little son loves snow fairy! I love aromatherapy type smells myself, and so may give twilight a go. I need a good sleepy shower product.

  2. Just used twilight in the shower and it's amazing! Love snow fairy too xo

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. I really thought Lush was one of the companies that didn't have products with parabens, as they support natural ingredients etc. Bit shocked about that!
    I do really want to try 'Twilight' though, love anything with lavender :)
    Daniella x

  4. I'd like to try the Twilight, it sounds nice. I'm still obsessed with Soap & Glory Clean on Me! x

  5. I had no idea Lush used parabens in their shower gels. They use SLS though so it doesn't really shock me too much. I'm a bit fed up with LUSH and their rubbish about only using natural ingredients. Glad I read this post, I was planning on getting Ponche this weekend.

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  7. These look so nice, I'm starting to like Lush products! I really need to go in to one of their stores and check the products more closely! xx

  8. mrblar cok beyendim yazılarını banada beklerim:)


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