Monday, 24 September 2012

My MUA eyeshadows.

MUA eyeshadows in shades 8, 2, 30 & 9 £1 each for 2g.

8-This shade is a teal colour that becomes a brighter turquoise when blended into an eye look, the reason I picked this up is because it's a colour I wouldn't normally touch but for £1 there wasn't much to lose if it really wasn't for me. I'd noticed this shade had been popular on last seasons catwalks applied on the bottom lash line and paired with a gold eye, I thought it looked like a wearable trend. I've worn it a few times to work to mix up my look, and actually recieved a few compliments when I wore it. Not a favourite for me, though (but perfect pigmentation and very blendable).

2-I was hoping this would be the perfect base or highlight shade I could document for girls on a budget. While it does shine with a reflective, luminous glow, the formulation is a little chalky and hard to work with. As a base colour it doesn't work too well either- it's a little too white, which boarders on looking a bit chavvy rather than the subtle pearl wash I hoped it would be.

30-This is my favourite and most used colour of the four, and one of my most used colours out of all my eyeshadows. My go-to look is a bronze eye as I think it suits my complexion and compliments my green eyes. It's buttery soft and very pigmented, and contains glitter shimmer but not too much that I feel overdone wearing it during the day. I used it once with Illamasqua's Sealing Gel and as soon as it was wet it created this fabulous foil-like finish that lasted all day.

Shade 9 is a strong violet, and I loved this colour last winter for a smokey eye with a difference- a pop of colour! It shimmer an irridescent blue when it catches the light and I feel the overall finish and look of this appears more high end than it actually is. Similarly to the bronze shade, it's so soft and blendable yet not powdery or chalky. For a pound you just can't go wrong! See my purple smokey eye here.

While I have found the formulas to be hit and miss (though 3/4 I own have impressed me)- I think it's worth spending a few pounds on trying these as the quality overall is fantastic. Do you own any MUA eyeshadows? What's your favourite shade from the above?


  1. I still havent tried anything from MUA, I need to change this! Shade 30 is my favourite. Colour pay off is fantastic.

  2. i know what you mean about it being hit or miss with mua. The bronze looks and sounds lovely though :) xx

  3. Adore the bronze, going to do a MUA haul today i feel :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  4. Wow i love the colour of the teal shade. Its one i wouldnt usually pick up but it looks really bright in the swatch - definitely one for under the lash line! xx

  5. Wow,beautiful all.;-)
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  6. Oooh these look beautiful, especially love the blue shades! I'll have to try these soon, for the price its worth the risk of getting one with a bad formula! xx

  7. Gorgeous colours you have there! I love how pigmented these are and for the price too! x

  8. I haven't tried any of the MUA eye shadows yet. I love the turquoise and the bronze colours. The pigmentation looks amazing too really good for only a pound! x

  9. I just bought the bronze yesterday, I absolutely LOVE it!


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