Friday, 5 October 2012

Going back to the F80....

I've recently returned to the Sigma F80 buffing brush after neglecting it over the Real Techniques buffing brush which I bought in March.
While the Real Techniques brush is softer with a rounder head, I always feel it absorbs a bit too much of the product I'm trying to apply. At times it disappointed me because I felt it could make foundation streaky on my skin, no matter how much I buffed and circulated the brush. Don't get me wrong, I'd totally recommend this brush; it's cruelty free, it's readily available in Boots stores in the UK and does have that quality you'd expect from an expensive brush at an affordable price... I just don't think it beats my...

Sigma F80! I've owned this for well over a year and while ordering from Sigma is a pain in the a (they're based in America so expect to wait a few weeks for shipping), it was totally worth it for the quality of the brush. The heavy, chunky handle helps application and the fibres don't seem to soak up product like the R.T. buffing brush does. It applies evenly, and personally I think it gives better results with the foundation I use and on my skin. The F80 fibres are both denser and firmer which are two contributing factors as to why I think it is a better brush.

Both of these brushes are well known, and 'hyped', if you like. Both are good brushes, but I do prefer my F80. For now.

What's your favourite brush for foundation application?


  1. I still havent tried any Sigma brushes. Waiting that long for delivery always puts me off. I just use the RT Buffing Brush but before that it was the MAC 187, which I hate for foundation.

  2. I never know what kind of brush I have to use, there are so many, and the girls that sell never help.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  3. I'm still in love with my Real Technique brush, but I haven't tried any Sigma ones to compare it to! xo.

  4. I use the RT buffing brush to apply my foundation, I'm happy enough with it. I've never used sigma brushes the shipping time puts me off! x

  5. I've never tried either of the brushes but I was thinking of buying the buffing brush, it's a pity it makes foundation a bit streaky. Have you tried the stippling brush I'm not sure of the difference between the two xx

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  7. you looka amzing,so beautiful :)

  8. This Sigma brush is my staple brush too - it's amazing! I've just recently purchased the RT core collection and was going to switch to their buffing brush but now I'm definitely going to stick with the F80... Thanks for the post! x


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